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Your Training Split

I have always loved reading how others set up their weekly training. How do you set up your week for training?

Day 1: Upper body/main bench day
Day 2: lower body/main squat day, light deadlifts
Day 3: upper body/secondary benching
Day 4: lower body+back/main deadlift day, light squats, one rowing movement

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Push/Legs/Pull 6 days a week.

I pull the day after legs because deadlifts screw up my squat if I do them before legs.

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ME Squat
ME Bench
DE Squat alternate DE pull and ME pull
DE Bench

Usually M, W, Fri, Sat

Currently doing hypertrophy



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I would wager that most of us who aren’t doing Sheiko, Westside, or 5/3/1 are doing some permutation of this kind of 4-day split. Right now, I’m running Jonnie Candito’s linear program, which involves training heavy bench + assistance on Day 1, heavy squat/DL + assistance on Day 2, secondary benching of some sort on Day 3 (Candito recommends Spoto presses), and the same kind of thing on Day 4 for squat/DL (he recommends paused squats and DLs paused just off the floor).


Mine normally goes like this

Day 1- Bench(usually close-grips), high rep DB press(flat, incline, or decline), Pulldowns, delts, arms(heavy)

Day 2- Squats, quads, Rows, Shrugs, (light)hamstrings, calves, abs

Day 3- Bench Press(heavy), Incline Press, DB Flyes, Pulldowns, Delts, Arms(light)

Day 4- Squats(lighter), Deadlifts, Stiff-Legs, Rows, Shrugs, Leg Curls, calves, abs

If my back is extremely sore I will take a few days off from upper back work

I do a 3 day/week, 3 week wave periodization. Looks more or less like this.

Week 1
Day 1 - High volume competition bench, dynamic effort squats, bench accessories.
Day 2 - Moderate intensity/volume deadlift variations and deadlift accessories.
Day 3 - Top AMRAP set of comp squat at 85%. If I get 5+ reps, effective 1RM goes up. Dynamic effort bench, squat accessories.

Week 2
Day 1 - Moderate intensity/volume bench variations, dynamic effort squats, and bench accessories.
Day 2 - Top AMRAP set of comp deadlift at 85%. If I get 5+ reps, effective 1RM goes up. Deadlift accessories.
Day 3 - High volume SSB squats, dynamic effort bench, squat accessories.

Week 3
Day 1 - Top AMRAP set of comp bench at 85%. If I get 5+ reps, effective 1RM goes up. Dynamic effort squats and bench accessories.
Day 2 - High volume deadlifting and deadlift accessories.
Day 3 - Moderate intensity/volume squat variations, dynamic effort bench, squat accessories.

I organize my dynamic effort work in typical Westside style, w1 50%x4, w2 55%x3, and w3 60%x2 + 25% band tension, 8-12 sets roughly EMOM. (I set up with reverse bands so really it’s like 75%-85% bar weight with -25% reverse band tension at bottom).


Not sure if this is allowed, but I post most of my training on my IG if anyone wants to take a look. Just search tastynate and you’ll find me.


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What are the advantages/reasons for reverse bands for DE squats?

No monolift so I have to walk out. Might just be the rack I use, but regular band tension feels SUPER wobbly on the walkout because of the angle the bands pull at. With reverse bands, they’re pretty much loose at the top so you’re walking out with straight weight.

If I had a mono, I’d use straight bands if only for the benefit of not having to load as many plates.


Practical, stable and easier to set up. I like it.

Thanks man!

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Another thing I didn’t mention is that you can figure out exactly how much reverse tension you have at the bottom, just hang a barbell and add weight until the band stretches to around the same height you would be at the bottom of your squat or bench. So just subtract this from what ever is loaded on the bar, and that’s effectively the weight your body feels at the bottom.

One of the big things I love about accommodating resistance is that it allows me to train squats and bench more frequently without extra stress on my low back and shoulders.

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Excellent details! I almost asked about the tension/weight.

I’m not a powerlifter but I’m trying to get into accommodating resistance to get less beat up by training. I’ve messed with reverse band squats a couple times and it seemed like I was able to slow the descent down a little and load up my quads without blasting my knees or hips.

I guess I’ve just been too much a a puss to commit more to the reverse bands because I always see knuckle heads going overboard and showing off with it.