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Your Training Resolutions

I was bored at my parent’s house after Christmas dinner, which on the Velocity Diet is turkey, green beans, and broccoli and makes up my one meal for the week. My family was talking about new years resolutions and it got me to thinking I need a new workout program and some new goals.

I’ve lost 37.2 pounds in the last four months and went from 219, 39% body fat to 182.6 18.5% body fat at 5’11" with quite a bit of muscle in the process. Chris Shugart’s idea about the Phoenix Theory kicked in. By Christmas next year I’d like to be 9% Body Fat and around 190.

I was searching for a new workout plan as I’ve been doing 4x6 for almost two months now. Settled on Thib’s Superhero Program and will start when I get back to college on the first. Maybe in Christmas '08 I will have the body to make goals for 1RM but for now I’ll settle for a full body transformation.

That makes the goals are 9% at 190 and starting the Superhero Program.

So lets hear it T-Nation, what are everyone’s “resolutions” (Lightly put since most peoples idea of a resolution is to actually get to the gym where I’d generally prefer to just live there as I’m sure most of you feel =].)

To get to a Lean 200 and become a certified personal trainer before 09.

I was thinging about where I want to be this time next year.

Goal is to be 170 and single digit body fat. It is going to be hard but with the right planning it might be possible haha.

Good luch to everyone