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Your Training Goals for 2018

No I’ve not mate and it’s really not on the cards for me for medical/fertility reasons. Long story short, I have only 1 working nut so and I don’t want risk it!

True story. All my strength is dysfunctional.


Yeah dude, I totally get it.

Just nurture that nut for as long as it takes to get the mrs knocked up again, tell her 2’s all she’s getting and then hit the steroids hard!

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Ha I just don’t like it, is a pretty good strength building movement thought

Hurts my shoulders. Wish I could bench right :pensive:

I have 2 main goals:
1 (first 6 monts) = Uncover ALL my abs for the first time in my life!

2 ( after getting the abs-forever) = getting strong! After 4 years of lifting I’m still very weak! First sub goal is the classic 1.5x bodyweight Bench, 2x squat e 2.5x deadlift!


Lets be ambitious in 2018.

Squat - 250kg
Bench - 170kg
Deadlift - 300kg
Strict OHP - 110kg
+1” arm circumference.

Qualify for powerlifting nationals and europeans.

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Wouldn’t it make more sense to do 2 before 1, using that extra lean body mass and work capacity from getting strong af to facilitate cutting down and in the end looking sexier overall?

You’re absolutely right, but I have a big gamble on getting the 6 pack with my girlfriend and I’m also in the T-ransformation 2018 Challenge, so I’ve decided to lean down first.

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squat 180kg
bench 135kg
deadlift 210kg
press 95kg
front squat 150kg
chins 10 with 35kg vest (currently 10x26kg)
pullups 10with 25kg vest(currently 8x21kg)
run 3km in under 12 min

In plates:
1 ½ press
2 ½ bench
4 squat
4½ dead

Losing some weight as well

I won’t be too ambitious here because training has not been at its best lately.

Deadlift: 190 kg
Squat: 160 kg
Push Press: 110 kg
Log Lift: 95 kg
Bench: 125 kg
Push Ups: 40 unbroken
Chin Ups: 8 unbroken

Compete once or twice if possible

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For work sets -

OHP 135
BP 200
SQ 315
DL 405

For me, ambitious, but looking to get to 1,2,3,4 plates on the main lifts.


Rear foot elevated split squat 180lbs added weight
Overhead press. 185
Incline press. 275
Deadlift. 400. (I have posterior strength of Richard Simmons right now)
Pull-up with 75lbs

Add beef to arms

Strict Overhead Press-225lbs
Front Squat-405lbs
Back Squat-500lbs
Deadlift- 600lbs

Place first in a strongman competition(Open Division)

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Gain 20lbs.

Expand stringer tank top collection.

Wife wants me to eat healthier. Will stop removing the lettuce from my Big Macs.


Don’t break anything.

Fuck you young bastards!


Deadlift 500lb+
Squat 315lb for a set of 10
Learn how to do a handstand(any variation)
Do a proper front lever


Mmmm MegaMac

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