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Your Training Goals for 2018

So with 2017 ending around the corner, I was curious for what you guys had in store for 2018!

I read a lot of your logs and it seems like a lot of you have already hit your goals or came very close. Everyone has improved! I’m happy to see that?

So what do you guys have planned for 2018? What are you training, lifting, fitness goals for this upcoming year?

I have 4 training goals for 2018:

405 Back Squat
185 OH Press
225 Snatch
20 Chin-Ups (in one set)

I think by December 2018 I will have hit all of these. The OHP might be hardest, but I think I can make it happen.


More of the same? Rep PRs on everything regularly.

Probably to out total my mate who went 190/130/225 in comp


Wait… training goals?


Cool thread idea! I’ve got a few I’ll share.

@Chris_Colucci I don’t think that mountainproject link should be an issue about external sites but I’ve been wrong before.


Ahh 2018 is the year I want to try and compete in a strong man competition.

Who doesn’t want to pick up oddly shaped objects :wink:

As far as strength goes though
Squat: 225kg
OHP: 90kg
Deadlift: 275kg

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They aren’t too far off, but I’m itching to hit 60kg (135) on the press, 100kg (225)on bench, 120kg (275) on the squat and a 150kg DL (335)

Noob life, right?


Bench - 325
Squat - 405 for reps
Deadlift - 550
OHP 225

These were also my 2017 goals, and I’m close, but due to a couple injuries (hamstring and tricep/lat) I didn’t quite hit 'em, so those will be my goals for the beginning of 2018, and ultimately I want all of those before my 29th birthday in August.


Same as every year…

bigger arms and rounder delts!


Get strong.

Can’t do that in a year, so… get stronger.

Hitting 2/3/4/5 plates in the big four seems ambitiously achievable.

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My over all goal is to get back down to my college weight, but at the present rate it’s more accurately a goal for 2019. A more likely goal for 2018 is a 405 dead lift.

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  1. Complete a half-marathon later in the year
  2. Run a 5km in under 20 minutes
  3. Complete 20 unbroken pull ups
  4. Overhead press my body weight (approx 85-90kg)
  5. Win the 2018 T-Ransformation
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I like that you don’t cite your bench as a source of strength. Fuck benching.

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By the end of 2018, I want a 515 Deadlift and a BW+75 Press.

17 inch arm with a 30" waist around the navel.

RHR of under 75.


Still chasing a 405 squat and 315 bench but aches, pains, and injuries keep getting in the way. I hit my 5 plate deadlift this year but I’d like to repeat that next year.

My first goal is easy—recover from hip surgery (Dec 20th) and get back to 100% in the gym. Once that’s completed I’ll get back to pushing my 1RM’s up… hopefully.

A new goal is to add muscle mass. It’s not really new, but I’ve changed my perspective on it. I don’t wish to simply add weight to the scale or reach a certain weight; I want to add 5 lbs of solid muscle and stay at 12-13% body fat or less. I’m currently cutting down to what I hope is 10% body fat. Once I achieve that I’ll increase my calories by 50-100 per day and try to slowly gain weight. I’m not a newb so I can only hope to add about .5 lbs of muscle per month. I need to take a slow and steady approach instead of gaining too fast like I always have in the past.


Focus much more on aesthetics + a 130kg OHP would be really sweet!

meh, for a girl


this is a goal I can get behind.

You started juicin’ yet?

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I want to be more efficient in everything else apart from strength such as more cardio intensive exercises, anyone can be strong but only a few can transfer that strength into functional strength.

Gotta slap some meat on these calves