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Your Top 10 Strength Coaches


I'm only fimilar with the strength coaches here on this forum (eg, Dave Tate, Charles Poliquin, Joe DeFranco, Eric Cressey, etc. Are there any other great strength coaches out there who produces results and are well known by athletes around the country?

Who would you pick as your top 10?

Also, do you feel that some strength coaches don't recieve the credit or recognition they deserve for their contribution in honing an athlete's overall performance?


Louie Simmons.
Boris Sheiko.


1.John Renegade Davies
2.Pavel Tsatsouline
3.Kelly Baggett
4.Matt Furey
5.Mark Sias
6.Charles Staley
7.Jason Feruggia
8.Marin Vlahovic
9.Gayle Hatch
10.Martin Rooney


Louie Simmons
Charles Poliquin

Of course there are some powerlifters I would love to lift with. They arent strength coaches but they sure as hell know what to do.

  1. Louie Simmons
  2. Joe DeFranco
  3. Dave Tate
  4. Louie Simmons
  5. Joe DeFranco
  6. Dave Tate
  7. Louie Simmons
  8. Joe DeFranco
  9. Dave Tate
  10. Louie Simmons




Louie Simmons
Charles Poliquin
Ian King
Dave Tate (we are talking strength only here)
Boris Sheiko
Jason Ferrugia
Glenn Pendlay

And then others...


Are we talking strength only? Or just any coach who falls under the heading of "strength coach" (bodybuilding coaches, gymnastics coaches, etc...)?

I'll just post the strength coaches from each discipline.

  1. Dante Trudell (Bodybuilding)

  2. Louie Simmons or Boris Sheiko (Powerlifting)

  3. Charles Poliquin (probably most versatile strength coach)

  4. Charlie Lysak (Martial arts stength coach)

  5. Christopher Sommer (gymnastics coach)

  6. Dan John (olympic lifting, not because I think he's the best, no offense DJ, but because he seems to be able to break the lifts down into very easy to understand terms)

  7. John Brookfield (grip strength)

  8. Berardi (diet)

I'd also like to train with CT and CW.


I'm thinking more along the lines of coaches who specialize in pure performance. It can be strength, power, speed, agility, etc. I don't have anything aganist bodybuilding but I've always value performance over looks.


The ones I read most:

James Smith
Joe Defranco
Charlie Francis
Jason Ferruggia
Mike Robertson
Pretty much everyone at elitefts


Considering what the Russian team did to the rest of the world at the IPF champs this year I just can't understand how Sheiko isn't top 3 in everyones list of strength coaches!!


white goodman
the globogym kicks ass.


Got to add Mark Rippetoe to that list!


-Rick Scarpula (Coach of Army Powerlifting team at Westpoint)
- All the guys on Elitefts.com and this site too.


Here are my top guys. They're not all coaches though, some are sports scientists:

-Charlie Francis
-Chris Korfist
-Kelly Baggett
-Mel Siff
-Vladimir Zatsiorsky
-Frans Bosch and Ronald Klomp (they co-wrote a great book)
-DB Hammer (go ahead, laugh at me)
-Tudor Bompa


Mike Boyle
Pavel Tsatsouline
Alwyn Cosgrove
Charles Poliquin


Man would it be cool to have Louie Simmons and CT training partners.


I sure would love to have Louie and Boris train my soccer players. That would be sweet.



Speaking purely about results for athletes... Here are my top guys:

Chris Korfist
Kelly Baggett
Joe DeFranco
Charlie Francis


Sorry for being ignorant but what happened? Can you elaborate and what were the actual results? Thanks.