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Your Time Between Cruises?

For those of you who can relate, what do your cruise and blast durations look like?

I have started to cruise on 250mg test e after a heavy test e and tren e cycle.

This is a first “cruise” for me, normally cycling 3 times per year - a plan to blast and cruise for the foreseable future.

HCG and Adex throughout.

My plan was going to be to cruise 8-10 weeks on 250mg test e then cycle with test prop/tren ace or test prop/tren ace/mast prop 8-10 weeks through the summer.

1.5ml ed of a good blend I use gives me 700mg test p/700mg tren ace/700mg mast p which is most likely what I will blast with…

Sounds like a solid blast.

As far as health goes, a longer cruise is better… but most people don’t like to follow that rule. I would say that at minimum, you need your bloodwork to come back within normal range across the board before starting a blast. So let’s say you’ve been cruising for 10 weeks, you’re ready to start a blast, and you get bloodwork back saying your liver enzymes are still high (just an example). If that happened, I would cruise for another month, then get bloodwork again to see where I’m at.

I’m sure you’ve heard the time on = time off rule of thumb. It’s not a bad one, looks like that’s what you’re planning on doing.


Yeh I am planning on cruising for as long as I blast.

With that being said, if it is really better for health to cruise for say 12-14 weeks with 8 weeks blasts when using fast acting esters then I will take that into consideration…

I should also get some bloods done, it is harder to get such checks done here in the UK.

Didn’t realize where you were. Yes I’ve heard that can be difficult. That’s unfortunate. It’s hard for me to understand why a country would limit access to preventative health care, which is essentially what bloodwork is for.

Yeah it is very frustrating in the UK - The NHS budget with regards to male health/hormones is limited so you are unlikely to get much from your GP in regards to this. We have the option of getting labs done privately, and this would often include a consultation reviewing the results, however it is extremely expensive for the labs.

Generally £100-£200 per panel with testosterone being a test of its own. So for hormones, liver, and blood panel its going to be around £500+

I imagine a big saving could actually be made if the NHS focused on preventative health care but unfortunately they are just disease control.