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Your Thoughts on X-Force?

Dr Darden,

Having heard about your connection with Mats Thulin, I was wondering about your opinions on X-force? Pros and cons compared to regular machines? The feel must be very different…

I have contacted their gym in Stockholm re an introduction.

I have written more than 10,000 words about X-Force, which includes all the pros and cons. You can read what I’ve said on the x-force.se website.

X-Force is the most precision exercise equipment I’ve ever used. It is remarkable.

I wish it was all over the USA.

In my experience your 30-30-30 protocol is superior to any “high-tech” designed machine as the 30-30-30 can be used on the simplest of machines. The extreme slowness assures muscle inroading without unloading. John Little’s Max Pyramid has similar intent (IMO) however larger trainees will eventually exceed machine weight stack limits. 30-30-30 is a great progression as I have yet to exceed machine weight stack limits. While 30-30-30 is “brutally hard” the application is “incredibly easy” … as is Max Pyramid.

Thanks planet health.

Yes, 30-30-30 and 30-10-30 were designed to be applied to the simplest machines. Hard but simple is a an accurate description.

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i have used the xforce machines in the Tampa area of florida and i will say they are best and most efficient exercise equipment imho, and i wish they would be available to everyone nationwide

dan (hit4me)

I’ve always wanted to try the X-Force equipment, but I don’t think it will ever happen. I guess they are just too expensive for most gyms.

One development does look interesting though. The Tonal strength training machine, which uses programmable electromagnetic resistance, allows the user to dial in a pre determined amount of negative upload.

So if you set up the machine to do chest presses with 100 lbs of resistance, you can enable a negative upload feature that will increase the resistance only on the eccentric. Dial in 20% and you will get 100 lbs on the concentric and 120 lbs on the eccentric. Basically, it seems to do what the Xforce machines do, only via programmable electromagnetic resistance, rather than tilting weight stacks. They also have programs which simulate the use of chains, i.e., accomodating resistance.