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Your Thoughts on This Cycle?

This is my first cycle. I have done an extensive amount of research and the last step for me is to post it and see what you guys think. Please advise on any changes or additions you might think will benefit me and my goals.

GOAL - Objective of this cycle is to get leaned out with great muscle gains. Obviously something you hear all the time but what i mean by it is i’d rather get lean/cut than bulky.

Diet/Cardio will be on point. 6-8 meals a day. High Protein Low carbs. 1-2 hours Cardio a day while lifting 1-2 hours a day. Running/Abs in the morning lifting through out the day.

1-12 Test Sust 270 E3D 270mg
1-12 HCG 250-500iu E3D
1-10 NPP 100mg EOD
1-10 Caber 0.5mg x2 wk
1-14 Aromasin 12.5mg ED
6-12 Anavar 80-100mg ED

PCT (start on week 15)
Clomid 100/100/75/50
Aromasin 25/25/12.5/12.5

Current Stats
24 y/o male
210 Pounds
BF percentage around 15 percent
Crossfit x2 years Lifting in gym x3 months

Thanks for reading!

looks like a pretty sexy cycle to me. You won’t need anything like as high a dose of asin as that in your PCT though. You probably won’t even need it at all (during PCT I mean, definitely run it during your cycle).

A-sin is better used for PCT. adex or letro for during cycle.

Very nice. Good job doing your research. Makes life a lot easier for those trying to help. Good luck.