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Your Thoughts on Tattoos


On the SAMA forum Sylar showed T-Nation a couple of well-placed tattoos. That got me thinking about how most T-Nation members feel about tattoos. For those who compete, I suppose having tattoos can detract from what you are trying to accomplish, but what about those who don't?

I ride with a motorcycle 'group' where everyone is sporting tattoos. I don't have any...yet.

Care to share your thoughts on this topic? and perhaps post some pics of your tattoos?


personally I think it’s pretty stupid, but whatever doesn’t effect me


Don’t ever get a double infinity tattoo with symbols signifying you, your 2 kids and …X wife…don’t!

You would be stupid…


I have two that I regret getting. ONe of my ex’s name(I know, I know), and the other is some Japanese writing on my forearm. One of those douchebag tattoos. I hate looking at it, but it was really well done. I get a lot of compliments on it and chicks are always asking me what it means, but I still hate it. Getting them covered up or removed completely will cost a lot of money. I totally regret these tattoos now.

My other three tattoos have significant meaning for me personally. Those are the ones you want to get. If you do decide to get a tattoo, it should be something with important meaning to yourself only and not something you do to look cool or fit in. I learned that the hard way.


Hate em…


Tattoos are alright as long as they are not on your FACE, NECK, and or HANDS. Then again I have like THIRTY. So FUCK IT.


I like them if they’re well done and creative.

The only thing stopping me from getting one is that I am planning to gain another 30-50lbs, and I’m afraid it will get all stretched out and look bad.


As long as it’s unique.


I personally would only get one/any that have a story behind it. That being said, I’ve seen some cool random ones. And some pretty dumb ones. To each their own.


[quote]Loose Tool wrote:
Hate em…[/quote]

You’re just a closed minded bastard who can’t appreciate true art when it’s put on somebody’s body! I hate people like you!

Oh wait… I see what you did there…


From what I’ve seen. You have 3 kinds of people when it comes to tats. Ones who don’t give a fuck and tat up all over, then the people who gets tattoos that they regret years later.

Then you have the person who is very dilligent when it comes to getting tattoos that actually represent something special to them (e.g. deceased family members/good friends name/picture, family coat of arms)

There’s this one cage fighter who visited an Aztec Temple, he saw etching in stone of an eagles wings spread out. He felt a spiritual connection with it and its surroundings and was compelled to have it on his body. So it represents something more then just trying to look or be “cool” when he sees it.


[quote]Rattler wrote:
Loose Tool wrote:
Hate em…

You’re just a closed minded bastard who can’t appreciate true art when it’s put on somebody’s body! I hate people like you!

Oh wait… I see what you did there…[/quote]

Funny shit.
Loose, that’s a good sized tat… what made you choose a Celtic cross (if I am seeing it right)?


Check these awesome tats for inspiration


I got my first over 30 yrs ago when I did it to be different. Now it’s just like a cellphone because almost everyone has one and a lot of them look the same.
If you want one get it. If not don’t. It’s your body. If you decide to get inked get one that has meaning to you not the latest look. If your career is one that you don’t want it displayed all the time get it in a place that you can cover it up when necessary.

My son is designing one for me that is a tribal combo of Hawaiian and Scottish/Celtic, my heritage. It will cover up one I got in 77 in Antwerp while high on Red Assassin hash oil. This tattoo isn’t that bad but just isn’t me anymore.
Don’t get one while you’re fucked up fried with your buddies. That flaming snake skull with one eye where you’re belly button is and a tongue that ends at the head of your dick isn’t as cool when you sober up! The same goes for the butterfly and flowers on the boob. At 25 it looks good. Just remember that at 65 it looks like an iguana hit by a car.

Before some troll makes a big deal about the first 2 sentences it’s just that at the time I got my first tattoos they were not the fashion statement they are now with people getting them just to get them.


Tattoos are very useful for police to identify criminals.


I think I’m getting this tattoed to my left pec.


and something like this somewhere else


[quote]skaz05 wrote:
Check these awesome tats for inspiration

WTF were they thinking?? Thanks for the link… its like a flashing amber light at a busy intersection: PROCEED WITH CAUTION, and don’t be an idiot.


i think it’s pretty unoriginal to get a cross or your name (first/last or combination)

i think if youre going to get a tattoo you should at least be a little creative or at least not get the same thing as 50,000 other people.


[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
and something like this somewhere else[/quote]

tramp stamp do ittttttttttttt!