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Your Thoughts on Stretching?

Hi Dr Darden,

Recently saw a 2020 scientific review on studies re stretching for hypertrophy. In short, it seems that stretching in between, or in direct correlation with sets/excercise can provide a positive effect. I heard a similar opinion during a seminar with a semi-pro bodybuilder in 1993.

Stretching afterwards doesn’t have any effect appearantly, which is bad news for me. I do it routinely since many years for stress relief after a workout.

What are your take on this? Any good experience? How did the old school bodybuilders do?

What you don’t want is a lot of flexibility in the extreme positions of joints . . . and little strength in those stretched positions. You often see those situations among dancers, gymnasts, and swimmers. Many of these athletes have multiple-joint problems in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

You need a reasonable degree of flexibility, which I believe you can get with smooth turnarounds in your strength-training repetitions. Few people need advanced practicing of stretching.