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Your Thoughts on Steroids from Day One?

Do you think i should start using AAS from day 1 on the gym or should i wait until i get my max muscle Potential (after 2 or 3 year of lifiting ) and start using. will it make differnce? (Steriods are legel where i live)

Get the idea of using steroids out of your head for now.
Read books about the different anabolic compounds and general endocrinology.
Ask questions, find answers, keep learning.

Once you are old enough, know how to eat, train and maintain a schedule… THEN ask if you are ready…


Lift weights natural for at least a year (more probably 3 years). You should have enough experience to perfect technique and form. You need to allow your body to learn how to naturally “adapt” to the “stimulus” of resistance training.

  • Track your progress.
  • Have a workout partner as soon as you can (find one). You need someone to “push” you to reach your potential without AAS’s.
  • Have a knowledgeable person rate your exercise form. And your training strategy must be “progressive” without over-training.
  • Make sure your diet is sufficient and you are nutritionally knowledgeable.

Eventually you will hit a plateau. Try changing your routine (via this forum’s suggestions).
When your progress slows to the point you can’t seem to progress, then start AAS’s slowly.

I am sure I omitted some areas that need to be considered. Others will comment.


I trained for 1 year and it had results. But i had to to drop gym for some reason. I read starting strengh and Encyclopedia of muscle & strength on that time. I had good knowledge on deiting. I want to know will it make a differnce when to use AAS the start or later. I lost about 30 kg on the way in 9 month

How would you rate your strength and physique?

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You are not ready to use them.
How old are you?

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After drop the gym i think i really good shape . Last test i make i was 27% fat and 70 kg. And i am strong by natural

I will be 20 soon

Too fat for steroids.

Too little natural mass built for steroids.

Way too young for steroids.

Did I sum that up for you well enough? You will do it anyway so why are you asking?


Yuh, so i wait until i can’t see result. And lose some fat and gain weight.

I have managed to reach the ripe old age of 72. I competed over three decades at a fairly high amateur level in bodybuilding (with some powerlifting at a lower level of success).

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No , i will not use them

If you don’t answer that ok . Are you natural. Did you use trt or AAS. I ask because since i joined i like your shape

I’ve been on TRT since I was 34 so going on 5 years but have been working out 5 days a week since 16 years old. I’ve run a handful of small cycles in addition to TRT. I’m not against it but I feel you should meet certain criteria otherwise you are going to risk your health for nothing. My personal criteria is early 20s minimum, ie 23-25, minimum 3 years consistent training, and a novice build naturally. If you accomplish those things you MAY keep some of your gains assuming you continue to train consistently afterword.

I’ve seen a LOT of young people cycle and make some progress only to lose it or be in worst shape after cycling.

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How? How tall are you? You may be one of the few who overestimates BF.

I mean it doesn’t matter to your question as steroids should only be used when the trainee is experienced in training and nutrition and KNOWS HIS BODY. You can’t know your body when you didn’t train and get strong for at least 3 years (in my opinion more like 6-10 as the fewest start out right).

Starting strength is a very good start. Do it as written for 9 months. You got to eat a lot but you must adjust it. If you’re really 27% BF you don’t need to eat a lot. Your body already has what it needs.

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I’m addition to what others have said, wait until you know what you are doing. IMO, you should have your training figured out to the point that you can get the harder gains naturally. I thought I was at a plateau, and just needed a training program where I could get gains. IMO, people should be suspecting you of use before you actually use.

How about you invest time and put effort into learning how to train before you jump on gear. In 2-3 years you will not be at your max potential. Steroids aren’t the solution, especially for someone who is just starting. You will make amazing gains within the first 2-3 years of training and eating right. IMO you shouldn’t touch gear unless you have put in 10 solid years in the gym and actually reached your genetic potential.

Example…15 years in the gym. I went from 70kg to 100kg. 178 cm. I still haven’t done my first cycle.

IMO you should earn it, learn how to grind, put in the hours/weeks/years into building a strong foundation. Once you reach your limit, then consider steroids if that’s what you really want…

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