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Your Thoughts on Stacking Epistane?

Hey folks, long time lurker, first time posted here.

I wanted to ask you folks on your thoughts about stacking Epistane. I have been doing research and there is so much different ideas and thoughts out there that I wanted to ask you folks. My goal is getting more muscular and bigger.

I am currently 33 years old, 180cm (around 5ft 9" / 10"), 80 Kilos (around 175 pounds) and I would say around 15%-18% body fat - I love lifting but doing cardio on top of lifting is not fun for me (I am a very active guy). So while I am muscular I am not so defined (got no six pack or anything, something which I would like to work on). I currently train 5/6 times a week.

What other prohormones would be great to stack epistane with in order to reach my goal of bigger and more defined/ripped?

On the flip side I was thinking that if I am going to do a cycle, I might as well go on orals - is it possible the stack Epistane with something like turinabol, trenbolone or anadrol? if yes, what orals recommednation would you make or should I stick to a prohormone? I don’t want to take stuff that would have long term harsh effects (prefer the least mild effects)

I of course will be on cycle support during and I have Nolvadex for post cycle therapy (any recommednations for other products of course appreciated).

Folks, your ideas as always are helpful and I am looking forward to this cycle!!!



I’m assuming this is a troll, however I’m going to reply anyway, if you seriously think that an optimal cycle involves just orals, then you have decided to run a cycle without doing any research at all. Trenbolone isn’t an oral steroid either, unless you’re ordering cattle implants and taking them by mouth, in which case… ew.

Most highly effective “Prohormones” are just designer steroids, a prohormone is a precursor to an active substance, and many prohormones share characteristics with anabolic steroids. Androstenedione is a prohormone that converts to testosterone via the 17B(however I put in the B it’s a latiny word I think) hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme and some will also convert to estrone via interaction with aromatase. This is a prohormone. Epistane (methylepitiostanol) is an active anabolic steroid/ derivative of dihydrotestosterone, it doesn’t convert to anything when taken, due to it being a DHT derivative it isn’t converted to anything via 5a reductase, it also doesn’t aromatise (as a matter of fact the non C17AA version of this drug is apparently a medication to treat ER positive breast cancer as it is highly anti-estrogenic, whether the C17AA version carries the same traits is unknown as methylepitiostanol is a designer steroid with little research behind it, one has to go by anecdotal experiences. Most of these “prohormones” such as epistane (that are actually designer steroids) are highly toxic to the liver, they are C17AA (an alteration in the 17th carbon position of the steroid molecule that makes the substance unable to be broken down by the first liver pass following oral ingestion) this alteration, for whatever reason makes all compounds with this alteration toxic to the liver, liver enzymes will be elevated with use and with prolonged use life threatening liver dysfunction can develop, serious liver dysfunction from short term use is possible but unlikely, and if it does happen it’ll usually be in the form of acute cholestasis. Due to the fact that adequate liver function is required for optimal processing of cholesterol (estrogen is also required), C17AA anabolic steroids tend to exhibit a far more detrimental effect on the lipid profile than anabolic steroids without this structural modification, dihydrotestosterone derivitaves also tend to be harsher on the lipids, epistane is a DHT, it’s potentially anti estrogenic and its C17AA, so watch out for lipid strain. An example of a combination of a PH/ designer steroid which is on the market is methyl – 1 – androstenediol (or androstenedione I forgot), it’s a precursor to methyl-1-testosterone, however it appears to have anabolic activity in it’s unaltered form, so while some will convert to M-1-T (an extremely powerful and toxic hormone), M-1-AD is anabolic itself, although I’d never recommend anyone use this stuff. Although M-1-T is commonly thought of as mystical a fun fact is if looked at structurally it’s just 5a reduced DBOL, and DBOL is C17AA EQ, (methyldihydroboldenone) is M1T.

If I was you I wouldn’t fuck around with DS or PH’s, I’m not recommending a first cycle because I don’t feel comfortable doing so, however if this post isn’t a troll I’m sure someone will chime in and help out.

no you aren’t. reality check coming in… if you’re 5’10, you don’t have abs, and you’re only 175 lbs, you aren’t muscular. Sorry bud.

you’re also not ready for steroids.

you also shouldn’t do an ‘orals only’ cycle. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, unless this is your way of getting your feet wet and you plan to do a real cycle with injectables soon. If you don’t have that planned for the future, the orals only cycle will be pointless. It will make you stronger for a couple months, then your hormones will tank post cycle, and within 3 months, the gains will be gone.

if you do decide to run this stupid cycle, don’t stack anything. just run one oral. running multiple orals at the same time for a first cycle is stupid. You won’t know which orals you like and which you don’t. You should only introduce one new drug at a time, in any given cycle, no matter what. I still follow this rule.

last thing: epistane is great.

also, trenbolone isn’t an oral, dummy.


Trenbolone toblerone it’s all the same, toblerone is eaten by mouth, that form of tren is orally taken yeet. On a side note white chocolate toblerone is like… the best, it’s so good dammit, hard to get tho. Airports sometimes have them