Your Thoughts on Poliquins Passing

I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this topic but I did want to hear Coach’s opinion. It was very shocking to me to hear of Poliquin’s passing. He seemed to be the epitome of health and his knowledge of all things nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modification related was second to none. I am wondering, Coach and anyone else who wants to , what your thoughts are on the reasons for his passing? I can only come up with 2, or I guess 3 possible conclusions…

  1. ApoE 4/4 genotype - This genetic disposition makes you a poor fat metabolizer and substantially increases risk for heart disease, diabetes and alzheimers. I’m a 3/4. All 4 of my grandparents as well as my father died young of a heart attack so it’s something I’ve looked into and had tested.

  2. Steroids or other performance enhancing drugs and possible overuse or missuse over the years? I haven’t heard him discuss his own use of steroids ever but perhaps he did and that played a roll? Although I would assume he knew what the heck he was doing if he ever did take them.

  3. We all have our time to go and it was just his time? Pretty lame reason but I suppose it’s a possible reason.

Any insights?


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