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Your Thoughts on My Workouts


Hey guys I'm new to T-Nation. I've had a gym membership forever and after deciding to use it and take this stuff seriously I did research and this is what I have been up to for the past month. I've been working out prior to this, but in random intervals and not taken seriously until now. Wanted to know what you pros and more experienced guys thought.

Arm: Sets Reps Rest
Concentration Curl 3 6-10 60/90s
Seat OH Tricep ext 3 6-10 60/90s
Preacher Curl 3 6-10 60/90s
Lying cross-shoulder tricep extention
3 6-10 60/90s
Rev-grip bb curl 3 6-10 60/90s
Forearm Curl 3 6-10 60/90s
Rev forearm Curl 3 6-10 60/90s
PostWorkout Drink Surge 30-60 min after

Upright Row 3 6-10 60/90s
Front Deltoid Raise 3 6-10 60/90s
Side Deltoid Raise 3 6-10 60/90s
Behind neck press w/ bb
3 6-10 60/90s
Overhead press w/ bb 3 6-10 60/90s
Shrugs 3 6-10 60/90s
PostWorkout Drink Surge 30-60 min after

DB Bench Press 3 6-10 60/90s
DB fly 3 6-10 60/90s
Incline DB Bench P 3 6-10 60/90s
Bent Arm Pullover 3 6-10 60/90s
Decline DB Bench P 3 6-10 60/90s
Push-ups to failure 3 6-10 60/90s
PostWorkout Drink Surge 30-60 min after

I feel like I can do more though. Like I'm not in the gym long enough or I don't feel completely drained. Also on the 6-10 reps I try to lift as heavy as I can to just make the 6 reps. Thanks guys


First of all, do you do all of that in one day? Second, you use a ton of useless, isolation movements.

IMO, unless someone has tons of experience in the gym, knows how to create a balanced routine, knows how to properly periodize, knows how to cure any existing imbalances, etc., they should use a professionally written, pre-made routine.

First, you must decide what your goals/objectives are. I will assume it's both size and strength, given that you are getting serious for the first time.

With that in mind, I would suggest starting w/ either an upper/lower split, push/pull, or full body.

If you click on "Authors" over on the left, you can pull up articles written by the in-house experts. Chad Waterbury has some great full body routines - ie Art of Waterbury (although it may be too advanced for you), Total Body Training, and the Waterbury Method among others. In addition, his Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy program is an upper/lower split.

Alwyn Cosgrove has some interesting programs on his website, AlwynCosgrove.com - I believe they are titled Undulating Periodization I-III.

However, you first must identify your goals, and how much time you can spend in the gym.

Good luck!


Another critical point I forgot to add - you should focus your routine around compound, multi-joint lifts: bench (all types), rows (all types), pull-ups (all grips), squats (all types), deads (all types) and dips.

The bulk, if not 100%, of your routine, should consist of these movements. In this way, you can better ensure yourself of creating a big, strong, balanced body.


You are about to get ground up and spit out.

But, I'll bite you're not a troll.

No legs or back. These are your 2 main muscle areas and you don't train either?

There is just too much here to critique. Go to vroom's beginner thread. From that point you can gain access to some great information on how to train. Why to train. What to eat. etc......................

After some serious info overload, come back with some questions that you need answered.

Until then--don not work your chest,shoulders, or arms. Work on pullups,rows,squats,deads,--anything that works your back and legs.


They're right,work your legs and back. You'll be making a HUGE mistake by leaving these body parts out. Also,make sure you use plenty of compound movements,then throw in a few isolation movements if you'd like.The chest,for example,have a bench press along with the peck deck machine if you'd like.Or after doing squats you can do calf raises and the leg press if you'd like.If you're not working your legs you'll probably hit a plateau and will stop growing.If you want bigger arms or a bigger back,you'd better work those legs and back muscles too.


Dude, way too much yet not enough.

You are 6'4" and 174 lbs! A giant toothpick!

1 Workout should be simple for the first few months

Day 1. Chest (Benches/Dips)/Tris (close grip bench)/Quads (Squats)/Shoulders (Military)
Day 2 Back (Pull Ups, deadlifts)/Bi (Curls)/calves/hammies
Day 3 Rest

Do it again. This gives you a workout 5 days a week with 2 days of rest between each group.

First though, is your eating should be just as intense if not more intense than your desire to work out if you want any size on you.


Well I now way 182 after eating everything I see and working out like I have been. An 8 lb gain in around 3 weeks doesn't seem to bad.


Deadlift and squat on a regular basis and you won't have this problem.


well your eating everything in sight(which judging from the fact that you were so skinny makes me think this is the first time you've tried to gain weight) and working out seriously for the first time. its called newbie gains. Honestly are you going through the motions or is each lift hard for you because I have to doubt you have any type of intensity while using this much volume.

Also the fact that your working your fucking forearms and not your legs shows that you need to be following someone elses programs.How can you neglect half your body?


Right. He needs to go basic like a 4x7 with less volume on the excersices. Sometimes less is more.


I'm not neglecting my body. Someone noted earlier that they figure my goals are growth and strength. That person was correct. I am looking to gain weight, gain muscle mass, and gain strength. As for the reason I'm not working out my legs, is because I'm not looking for growth in them.

My legs are strong enough and I'm not trying to get into body building. I want the pecs, the tris and bis, the shoulders and the forearms. I will try to post a picture asap, but I am already in great shape athlete wise, I am just looking for more muscle and mass in the upper body.

Also, the other reason I don't do legs is because I go to school 4 days/wk and work 5 days/wk and it's hard enough fitting in my chest, arms, and shoulder days let alone back and legs. I am going to start working my back as often as the rest of my workout. This photo is the best I have of my upper body until I take some.


Now you gone done it. I smell smoke.

Dude, you really shouldn't be contradicting people giving you advice here when you don't know jack. If you are looking to gain weight, muscle, and strength, but you don't want to train you legs than you are just ignorant. Really, you just don't get it, so just take people's word fot it.

There is no way you have strong legs. And without strong legs, you cannot be strong. At a minimum you should do full-squats and deadlifts.

The reason it is hard fitting in what you are doing is becuase your workouts are long and shitty (and I mean that in a constructive way). If you used a better routine (look on this site) you would have no problem fitting in everything.

Your picture did not come through. If you get a chance, please post one with yourself holding a shoe in one hand. This will help us get an idea of the scale and we can give better advice for what to work on.




I don't understand wanting to limit your development and strength by choosing to overlook such a huge part of your body!

It's as ridiculous as working your lower body and never training upper.

Talk about imbalances!


This program has worked well for many people. It's called Westside for Skinny Bastards.


It's only 3 days a week with one day devoted to lower body movements. It blows your program out of the water, and can be done in the same amount of time or less as your current program.

It's not a "bodybuilding" program, but remarkably you'll probably get bigger in all those places you say you're trying to grow. Also, while you may think you are in "great shape athlete wise", I'd challenge you to look at some of the poundages the high school kids on this program are moving, and how fast and agile they are. I think you might find that your standards for "great shape athlete wise" are a little low.


I love it. YOU ask people to critique your workout and when we do and EVERYONE and I mean fucking everyone gives you the same advice you just turn up your nose to it because its not what you want to hear.

To everyone who wants to know why newbies get flamed threads like this are why.

First of all if you can find time to work your damn forearms then you can find time to work half your body. This is bullshit and nothing more than a f'n cop out. By not working legs your limiting your overall development.

How strong do you think your can get with shitty leg development?Now last time I checked the banner on this site said,BODYBUILDINGS THINK TANK. I think you've mistaken this for mens fitness or something like this.

People who read this site are looking for OVERALL development and the guys who lift for no other reason than to impress the chicks for beach season don't really last long here.


Nah he'd have to do squats....


Alright, I was looking at the routine mentioned. Is that the best for routine out there for me? I was looking Chad Waterbury stuff, however I could not seem to find anything. I'm totally open to a professional routine. What's the best one for beginner/ intermediate?


On the left hand side of the home page there is a list of authors who write for this site. Click on their names and check out the programs they offer. Also, there is a locker room section that allows you to directly ask these authors questions. Better still, if you just read through the locker rooms you will get the answers to your questions because they have already been asked many times over by other people. Good luck.


Dear sir,
read the fucking articles.