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Your Thoughts on My Labs? What Am I Missing?

Sup everybody.

So being in quarantine i’ve added my most recent labs into a sheet.

Right now, i’m looking at improving my thyroid, my lipids, getting my D3 up
and am in the early stages of going from high to low carb. Paleo or Keto. I generally have eaten a lot of brown rice, and mix up red and white meats.

Mesomorph, 21% body fat, 5’10; 189 lbs. 29 yrs old
previously: 171g protein, 216g carbs, 70g fat
now looking at: 172g protein, 65g carb, 122g fat

Supplementing: 225mcg Iodine, B-Complex, Digestive Enzymes, Reishi/Cordyceps/Lions Mane, tumeric, panax ginseng, calcium citrate, magnesium, CBD, Buhner Herbs, general multi, 1-2g Vitamin C.

Special note: Apoe 3/4 gene mutations

I’m looking to lose fat and lean out, then get back under the rack and put about 15-20 lbs of muscle on. I’ve got issues related to lyme, mold, and other such BS. I’m finding it’s just not as easy to lose bodyfat these days, so i’m trying new approaches.

Latest labs on right most column were drawn just prior to a 40hr fast.

Can you take a look at these labs and tell me what I may be missing, in terms of any connections?

You may need to zoom in.

Cheers gents, any help or pointers would be huge. I can also post InBody scan, if that helps.

Are you on TRT? If so, what is your protocol? As far as labs go, your test numbers are low.

Others can comment on thyroid as that not in my wheelhouse. @enackers is a good person to weigh in there.

Keto style / low carb diets will do great for dropping fat fast in the short term, though I don’t recommend them for long term / life style dieting. Make sure that your fats are the right kind. Don’t start binging on cheese and butter. Keep it to good clean omega 3’s and non saturated fats, and keep a very close eye on lipids. Your cholesterol is going to go up more than it already has and your ldl is (as you stated) “a big problem”, but just make sure that your hdl to ldl ratio stays in a good place.

Your biggest factor will be adding more lean muscle. Muscle burns fat. That’s going to be hard for you to do on your current dietary regimen. At your current macro layout, you are barely over 2,000 calories. How long have you been at this intake? While 15-20lbs of muscle is a great long term goal, that’s going to take a lot longer than you think. Setting smaller short term goals is better for staying motivated. Think more in terms of marathon, not 100 yard dash. You didn’t get into this situation overnight, and getting out of it will take time.

Lastly, what food choices are you making to fill those macros, and how often do you eat? Carbs are stigmatized as the enemy, but the truth is that they are all about High and Low GI selections, and proper timing.

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Big problem. Your reverse t3 is super high. My fiancé had 23 as well and needed t3 only for her thyroid symptoms. It worked. She tried one of my armour thyroids and she said it felt way better. But she had to do some things first to lower Rt3 to be able to try my armour.

Reverse t3 will negate the benefits of free t3. T4 converts to Rt3.

Rt3 is a sign that something’s off in the body.

My fiancé stopped the carb cutting. She started eating healthy portions. Along with starting other hormones. Within 45 days she dropped her Rt3 to 8. You want this below 5 close to 1.

Google causes of Rt3 and get that fixed. If you still have fatigue and issues with fat loss. Thing hair. Cold body. Get hit quickly or other thyroid symptoms you should get on those meds.

Anthony Llabres is a good source for you to get that Mould and Lyhme issue resolved. Find him ok facebook and check out his posts and ask the question. He’s more than willing to give you direction. You might want to hire him.

I’m not his patient. I just respect the mans profession of handling the hard problems doctors get wrong when it comes to health.

Dr Eric Serrano is also a good fit for you if you want professional help.

T4 and t3 are low. You want to get some cytomel and that will help . Especially if you have symptoms.

T3 should be too of range and t4 midrange. If starting armour thyroid just get that t3 at top of range and dose until symptoms resolve. If one grain doesn’t help take 1.5, and then 2. Rarely does anyone need more than 2.

Vitamin d is a big deal. I would take 20k first week then 10 for a few weeks and re test. If that doesn’t help I’d take 20 for a month and also add vitamin k to this to help absorb. With food and at night works. Dr Serrano has a video with Danny Bossa on YouTube discussing how to do this.

To help with overall health add melatonin. Dhea. The research on Melatonin shows it is a huge antioxidant and produced so many benefits for every aspect of the body: guy health to lungs and brain and more. I take about 75. Get a good product from a compound pharmacy like MedQuest . Supplement companies are shit.


Don’t go keto with that Rt3 so high man. Just don’t do it. It also messes with SHBG when you do that shit.


A lot of good info here boss. VitD is a hormone and like said above is a big deal. And also said above your thyroid needs attention.


hey man - no i’m not on TRT, but I know this is the place to get advice on blood work. Your (and @enackers) comments have me seriously reconsidering going keto. I think i’ll just keep my carbs in the 100 range.

I’ll tone back the red meat a bit and focus more on chicken/fish, almond butter, grass fed butters, veggies ,etc.

I tried to do a metabolic restart by ramping to 2500 calories for about 2 months, around december-january, with about 170g protein and 271g carbs.

My theory was that I was under-eating prior, and bring the calories back up would restart my metabolism. As you can see, there is a lot of trial and error going on here.

I’ve been at around 2200 cals up until the last two weeks.

To your Q on macros and timing: Mostly brown rice, chicken, lean beefs (85/15, 90/10), salmon, cruciferous veggies. I fast 16-18 hours and then eat two meals, 2pm and 8pm.

Thanks for the assist.

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Got it. Honestly stop messing around with carbs and diets. Just eat normal and lift and get after it. Once your health is back to normal you can try different diets for muscle and whatever your goals are.

I just wouldn’t count carbs. Or limit it. I would just eat smaller portions of carbs and clean good carbs as well.

Don’t try to lower that carb intake and it should help a ton.

Thanks for all the quality advice brother. I knew that the rt3 was a problem but I was perhaps underestimating.

It does look like my iodine supplementatiion over the past month has moved the needle a bit (20 down to 15).

I will keep going with that and add brazil nuts to get more selenium.

Based on my labs here, would you recommend armour or straight up t3? If T4 is already turning to rT3, perhaps exogenous T4 would do the same?

One thing that was left off this chart is I do have above + out of range levels of antibodies for thyroid.

December 2019:
Thyroidglobulin antibodies - 9 H (Range: < or = 1 IU/ml)
Peroxidase antibodies - 31 H (Range: < 9 IU/ml)

March 2020:
Thyroidglobulin antibodies - 4 H (Range: < or = 1 IU/ml)
Peroxidase antibodies - 27 H (Range: < 9 IU/ml)

as for the Vitamin D, I have been taking 5,000 IUs with 180mcg of MK7, plus 20 minutes of direct sunlight a day. Just started getting the sun consistently last week.

Interesting on the melatonin. I have some at home, but prefer to avoid using it unless I can’t sleep.

Thanks again man. You’ve given me real jumping off points here.

You would start t3 only because armour thyroid has both t4/t3 in one pill. The t4 conveys to Rt3 and it negates the benefits of t3. T3 is the main hormone that produces all the benefits in the body. This t3 only would negate the Rt3. If you fix your diet and just eat normal I’m sure you’ll be in a good range within 90 days. From there you can start armour.

Or just eat with carbs as stated for 60-90 days and see if you feel better.

Iodine is great to support thyroid. It is not good if thyroid off.

Got it. I’ll try to clean things up and get consistent, see how things are looking and go from there on which one.

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@enackers oh are you saying to start cytomel now and eat carbs as normal, then grab armour?

Yes sir. Re-test after a Couple or few months and if reverse t3 is lowering below 10 you should switch.

@bmbrady77 regarding my body composition – I was looking to slim down first and then bulk up; all told probably over the course of about 18-24 months. Though at age 29 with a slowed thyroid, the slimming down may prove slightly difficult until these labs are back in check.

Of course, it’s all a matter of preference but i’m open to any suggestions and comments regarding the best way to go about it. Cheers.

Thanks bro. Regarding Vit D; you suggest 20k for a week. Should I also be increasing the amount of MK7? Right now i’m taking a combined supplement of the two.

(50000 IU of D, 180mcg of MK7)

The phrase “Slimming up” almost ALWAYS implies caloric deficit, which you are already slightly in. I would actually recommend that you at least get to a maintenance (preferably a slight surplus) of calories, and get VERY active. Hit the gym hard and focus on building muscle.

This will serve two purposes…

  1. The correct caloric intake coupled with vigorous exercise will help repair the metabolism
  2. Once your metabolism gets ramping up, your body will switch from storing to building. This will allow you to create an exercise induced caloric deficit (while still eating a slight surplus) that will force your body to start converting fat storage to make up the difference in activity burned calories.

Getting hormones fixed is key, but if you get your body on the right track…you may find that your body is able to reverse the hormonal deficiencies over time. If not, THEN consider external means of hormone correction.

Most people who are young-ish and haven’t completely destroyed their endocrine systems can reverse MOST issues with major lifestyle changes. Barring a birth defect, you are deficient as the result of shitty choices. Make good choices and your body will respond the other direction if it is able.

Hang in there and give it time.


I have never used MK7, really not sure about it. I would take the 20k daily. then lower that the following week to a new daily dose and stick with it . this way we front load the vitamin d. it seems most of the folks who are low don’t absorb well. hence the vitamin k as well. don’t forget to find that Eric Serrano video where he discusses a bunch of things. sometime earlier this year with Danny bossa.

With vitamin D I take one pill or dose of vitamin k regardless of how much VD I take. so if I take one daily dose of K, it won’t double just because I double my D in take. you do not want to over do the vitamin K intake. Also take it with food morning or night.

The bulk and lean and build stuff isn’t really needed IMO. Ive seen so many articles and even the top professional on fitness (Jeff cavalier of athlenex) says its a waste of time. Its simple to make these changes. Eat more of the right food to get more muscle and vice versa with leaning out. Calories in and out.

I think allot of this bulking and cutting stuff came from the old days of body building. Before it got all scientific and they didn’t have a bunch of studies and material to reference if it was worth the effort.


@enackers Totally. Increasingly seeing many trainers online say that the old cutting/bulking thing isn’t necessary.

So I just got off the phone with my doctor (tele-session) and he wrote me a script for NATURE THROID (1/4 grain - 9.5 mcg T4, 2.25 mcg T3)

now looking at it I see this is 4:1 T4/T3 ratio.

Importantly – He was of the opinion that my rT3 being at 15 was not super high.

I told him I’d be interested in just doing cytomel and working on reducing rT3 naturally, but he said that would likely suppress T4 production and lead to a drop in rT3 anyway.

Should I go back and make him give me the cytomel? I just didn’t know enough to contradict him.

1/4 of a grain is a waste of fucking time. im amazed this guy is giving you a baby dose. you won’t feel much if anything.

rt3 negates the effects of ft3. ft3 needs to be top of range for majority of people to find resolution of symptoms buddy,

Your 15 is high. hes going off lab ranges like a sick care doctor. Its like saying “your total t is not low , its within range”.

any good source on thyroid will tell you 15 is something to care about. it fluctuates as well and it might be 20 most of the day and 15 when you took your labs. maybe its high in AM and low in PM. I dont know, but its too high.

Who is your doctor? is he a hormone doctor at a clinic or just an endo dabbling in hormones?

He’s actually a homeopath. I have two primaries and he’s one of them.

Good knowledge of alternative therapies but he’s not a specialist in this area.