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Your Thoughts On Monohydrate


OK i know this is another question regarding creatine and yes ive used the search button but i went to the gym yesterday and I asked the owners thoughts on creatine on which brand was best to take.

Through the research i was doing i was convinced creatine monohydrate was the best form to take since it was the purest form of creatine etc. But he said that they came out with some new discoveries that it is the worst bc of how it can damage your kidneys unlike any other kind.

Has anyone else heard? and if you had to choose one creatine product what would it be? Thanks


Never heard of that, maybe another uninformed guy acting like they know what they're talking about.

He wouldnt happen to be a principal of any high schools, would he?


1 word.


Drink your water and creatine does almost nothing negative.

He's an idiot.

Monohydrate doesn't actually have that much of an affect on me, but I've been taking it for a while and I've yet to piss blood or have my kidneys explode.

Go to educated people to learn about lifting.

And by the way, what part of LA ya hailing from?


im from walker, how about yourself?


Baton Rouge at the moment, LSU.


For sure IMO get a regular quality CHEAP Monohydrate. as for the kidney/liver or any other issues. If anything the CEE's etc. would be harder possibly on them than regular monohydrate due to the high acidity etc..

My take anyhow,