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Your Thoughts on Mixed Reps?


Just thought I'd canvas your opinions on my new plan.

I'm going for strength gains (which I expect to provide some size gains as well). Once I achieve my strength gains I am going to switch gears to some endurance training (but perform these exercise at my new higher weights!)

For those who find high reps boring and hard to maintain good form try what I do below. Works for me.

I'm only 67kg. 3 weeks into this new regime and my lifts have gone from:

Bench: 65 to 75 (low reps quick ass!)
Squat: Same weight but going deeper (just past paralell). Being that 1/4 squating dickhead for a little while actually did help with building up some strength to start going deeper.
Dead: Just started with the new regime. First week - 100kg 2nd week 110kg. Today is DL day and I'm going for 120kg.

Anyway my plan at the moment:

I am doing 3 lifts each workout. 3x3 heaviest I can go. Then 3x6 with lighter loads.

Later in the week when I get tired I just go to 5x6 (or whatever just 6 reps per set for as many as possible) at lower weights.

Bench: 70kg,75,75 then 60,60,60
Squat: 80kg,85,90 then 75,75,75
Chins: 20kg,17.5,17.5 then just BW,BW,BW

Pullups: 10kg,10,10 then just BW,BW,BW
Deads: 100kg,105,110 (I don't do the 3x6 component on DLs)
Dips: 20kg,25,25 then just BW,BW,BW
Sometimes I throw in some rowing movement: the only time I use a machine - bent over rows scare me for now :slightly_smiling:

Clean & Press: 45kg,50,50 (I don't do the 3x6 component on this one either)
Squat: 5x6 @ 75kg
Chins/Pullups: 3x6 BW only (mix it up a bit with the grips)

If I make it to the gym (50% of time) its a light day doing 5 sets of between 6 to 8 reps on probably bench,pullups,bicep curls. No real heavy lifting this late in the week.

Friday, Sat, Sun: REST (perhaps a 30 min run on Sat).

Thats my plan. Heavy on early in the week then rest and recover and try for an extra couple of kilos on the lifts next week. I fell over in the Squat rack with 100kg on my back yesterday. Who loves a power rack with safety bars? I do!

My diet is the same as usual just with about an extra 500 calories each day. I just ate a little more throughout the day until I felt strong when in the gym in the afternoon. If you're going for heavy lifts have some food in your gut - much easier!


What is endurance training? And why do you want to switch to it?

Until you hit a 300 bench, 400 squat and 500 deadlift, you shouldn't do anything other than focus on getting stronger (and losing fat if you're BF is very high).


Hmmm. I see your point. Its the same old problem of having more than one goal.

I want to get strong.

I also want to increase my endurance. I run out of puff a little early on my lifts. I am not a powerlifter.

I want to have my cake and to eat it to. :slight_smile:

I suppose it is a matter of how long I can continue making strength gains before I turn my focus onto training for endurance.

And then when I reach my endurance goals I'll turn back to strength.

Everyone keeps quoting this 300,400,500 shit?

In kg thats: 135,180,225 ! I'm only 67kg, 5'6". And lets say I can get up to a lean 75kg in a couple of years there is still no way I'm gonna get those numbers.

I'm thinking some realistic goals for me would be:
100kg bench (2 plates each side), 140kg squat (3 plates), 180kg dead (4 plates)

My current lifts:
75kg bench, 90kg squat, 115kg dead

Some ways to go!



The 3-4-5 isn't "shit". It's a fairly modest level of strength that means you've gone past the beginner stage. Despite it being fairly modest, however, probably 90% of people who lift weights never get that strong.

The basic point is that if you are weak, you are WEAK and nothing else matters. You have no need or right to dabble in training for "size", "endurance", "sculpting" or whatever.

Aim for the 3-4-5. Your goals should be the next 5-10% on all your lifts until you reach it. It shouldn't take that long. I'm nearly there after 2 years training - about 25lbs to go on each lift.


why are you telling this kid what his goals should be? that's the most arrogant prick thing i've ever seen. telling someone how to achieve their goals is helpful, but you're definitely not doing that. do you look like a construction worker with big forearms and a fat gut? then your strength does not impress me - or most people for that matter.


I'm not sure why you think it is impossible to gain strength with higher repitions.

It is the same protocol. You simply add weight to the exercise once you complete a certain number of repitions with your working weight.

In this way, you may be able to work on your "endurance" as well as your strength, unless by endurance you meant very high reps such at 15. haha

that would be strange.


I do a similiar thing to what the OP is trying to do, in order to not have my CNS burn out, and to not stagnate on my lifts. For example Deadlifts

Week 1: 3x6 45 sec of rest
Week 2: 4x5 2 min of rest
Week 3: 7x2 2 min of rest


I do that to in order to put new stresses onto my body, forcing my lift to increase, well in theory anyway. Week 1 is for endurance, using the heaviest weight possible, say I want to nail a 405 deadlift, I would do 315 for week 1, and hope to God I won't pass out. Than say 365 for week 2, and then 385 for week 3. After that I should expect to do 405 3 weeks later for the 7x2 load.


He said he wanted strength gains. I told him what most people just starting out need to hear: get your head down and build a decent strength base before doing anything else. And since when did achieving the 3-4-5 give someone the body of a construction worker? What a wierd thing to say. Even fitness models lift around that level.


If it's strength gains you're after you can do a 5x5 program and incorporate some Tabata protocols on the upright bike for endurance.