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Your Thoughts on MCT Oil

What’s been your results w/ MCT oil? John Parrillo is always talking about em’ and many of the top bodybuilders do to. Right now I’m using Twinlab’s brand which is the fucking worse with it’s nasty orange flavor! U have to chase it down with water so u don’t die! It’s that bad.

How much should I be taking? I’m 180 lbs. 7% bodyfat & workout hard with tennis, b-ball & bodybuilding. Should I just follow the label or is their a different amount I should be taking.

MCT experts please let me know your results with it. Thanks!

Go cheap and tasty and get your MCT’s through coconut oil or milk. it is something like 50% MCT’s

taste good and an excellent source of Sat fats.

Try coconut oil or coconut milk.