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Your thoughts on Hot-Rox

Hey guys, Im thinking about taking Hot- Rox. Can any of you shares your experiences with it? Positive? Negative? Recommend it ? Dont recommend it? Any input would be great. Also, can i purchase this at a gnc store? or is it strictly something you order online? Thanks

You may not get much feedback because this topic has been done to death. Run a search for the old “Hot-Rox Inferno Challenge” and see if you can bring those threads up. This was a contest held by T-mag right after Hot-Rox was released. Lots of feedback there, generally very good.

Determined, in addition to davo’s very good advice, yes, you can purchase Hot Rox at GNC or here online and also through a number of other distributors. Do a search on the 'Net if you’re looking for a good price.

Of course, I’d probably hold out for Red Bands, which is the supercharged version of Hot Rox that they’re going to be releasing soon. That product is probably only going to be available through the Biotest store.

Ok, I’m going to give the most honest account of Hot-Rox I can. At first when I was taking the product and before I bought it I trashed it b/c I thought there was too much hype on the product and that it’s way too much money. Then I tried the product and I trashed it b/c I didn’t feel anything on it either, nor did I see extreme results. After completing it my stories a bit different.
When I started cutting I was at 199.5 lbs and around a 37" waist, you can look in other threads and see the pics. I wanted to try something completely new, that being try a higher calorie diet (2100-2500 vs 1600-800 on previous cycles). Also I had never lasted seriously on a diet before without cheat days or tremendous cravings and thus never went more than 3-4 weeks with minimal results. So for the first time I decided to try and cut for 8 weeks straight using this strategy.
As of now I’m 184.5lbs and around a 34" waist with the abs starting to come in and I can’t find my calipers but I"m gussing I"m right around a 10mm umbilical skin fold while being at 17 when I started.
SO what I noticed: the first week or so I pretty much didn’t take anything. Then for the next three I took hot-rox. I noticed I lost weight at a consistent 2lbs a week without hunger cravings and my bench actually went up to 300, I was feeling pretty strong. I then came off of it and switched to the ephedrine caffeine up until yesterady. On the ephedrine/caffeine I also dropped my calories a bit lower 2100 or so b/c for one I was in the middle of a cycle and assumed my metabolic rate was dropping. I was down to about 190.5lbs and a 35" waist or so, and my friends were amazed at the difference. Then onto Ephedrine/Caffine. Whereas on hot-rox I had no cravings, I lost most of my desire to eat at times on the EC, and my weight loss increased to 3lbs a week. The problem was though that even though I retained size my strength has decreased and now instead of benching 300 I’m barely benching 275 (it should come back quick), but my skinfolds have dropped in thickness faster (where the hell are my calipers???).
So overall I’ll say Hot-Rox is not neccessarily a fat-loss phenomenom like it’s touted nor is up to all the hype, but it’s still a good product if you’re looking to keep your strength and size and keep your appetite down. It’s for more of the advanced lifter than the common average layman that can’t get their diet under control b/c it won’t elevate your metabolism to freakish levels or remove your desire to eat entirely. If you can’t get yourself to eat right, and aren’t worried a ton about strength preservation then I would go with the Ephedrine HCL/Caffeine Anhydrous stack.
All in all I think the EC stack takes fat off quicker, but at a higher cost than Hot-Rox. So it’s up to you. Plus you can’t take the EC for long periods of time b/c you’re going to feel like crap when you don’t take it first thing in the morning.
I hope this helps.

I’ll add my 2 cents: the most amazing thing to me was going through a day and NOT craving snacks! For that alone, I was SO glad to win my 1st bottle in one of the Forum contests! NOW I’ve got it on my “have to buy” list!


HotRoxx works far better than an ECA on any level, however HR defenitely has an advantage when it comes to retaining lean mass and strength while dieting, even with extreme diets like fat fast.

When dropping from higher bf levels (say when going from 20%+ to 15%-) your diet and training will have much more drastic effects than HR and especially an ECA. But when you want to drop from say 12% to 7% HR becomes crucial in my opinion.

HotRocks roxx man.

I used two bottles worth a while back and enjoyed the results.

i’m gaining weight while on hot rox and losing a tad bit of fat at the same time…i’m up 3 pounds in two weeks experimenting with new training methods.

I agree that this supplements strength is appetite/craving suppression while dieting.

I second the replies above, except that I did feel a little warmer on it the first time as described in the site.

For the first time I have abs. Real ones. I just turned 49 and and I look 20 with a lean body and very hard muscularity. I am not going over 190lbs ( currently 180 lean) for reasons of personal preference , but I do recommend hot rox. Keep in mind that I do 40 mins of one leg rope jumping dayly when not on a heavy training cycle.

There is no free lunch and let’s get real for asecond. IF there was a product that did get you lean instantly all by itself without the need for dieting and training…Then everyone would look like a real T-man. It would be very commonplace and all the women in the world would be …reeally…happy and fulfilled:)

But reality still, makes us very special because we have to still earn our hot bodies in ways that weak willed men cant compete…and that also comes accross very appealingly to the world at large and …the babes and ladies as well…products like hot rox and mag 10 actually really make it possible for all of us. unlike before…as long as we also train.

Maybe I’m weird, but I’m halfway through my 3rd week and I’m noticing INCREASED appetite.

If I don’t eat enough, I get fatigued like never before.

I’m one of those guys who may binge once in a while, but doesn’t eat all that much consistantly - yet still have the gut.

I work out like a maniac for fighting, with skill workouts, cardio, and weights. A lot of times I average over 15 hourse a week.

I’ve had a hard time sticking to my normal meal plan lately as well… Meaning, I gotta eat more than normal if I want to work out, otherwise, if I eat what I normally do I’m going to be dead.

People are saying I still look like I"m losing weight though, so I dunno.

Doing my best to clean up my diet.
It’s all kinda confusing & a little frustrating.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Unlike most non-ephedra fat burners, HOT-ROX doesn’t contain a bunch diuretics to make you piss a river. Many companies in the post-ephedra era have crammed their weight loss formulas with diuretics and even laxatives! They do not list these effects on the label, so you really have to know your herbs to spot them.

People taking these “fat burners” will lose water weight and think they’re losing fat. Not HOT-ROX. There are no BS ingredients in HOT-ROX. What you lose is FAT, not water, not muscle. So fat loss may seem slower with HOT-ROX, but only because you’re actually losing fat and not fluids.

Also, if a HOT-ROX user is lifting, he or she will retain or even add muscle. The scale doesn’t accurately reflect that metabolism boosting gain in muscle, especially if the user is only looking for the scale number to go down.

Many fat loss supps are also adding tons of caffeine to their formulas to replace the ephedra. I know of one company charging over $50 a bottle for their fat burner and it’s the exact same as taking Vivarin caffeine tablets. Costs about 40 cents to produce, sells for over $50. Excess caffeine also has a diuretic effect.

Just some stuff to keep in mind when judging fat burners. Look for real fat loss not fake fat loss! Hey, if you want to have the jitters and piss a lot, take these other supplements. If you want to lose fat and build/retain muscle, stick with HOT-ROX.

I’ll chime in with my 2 cents. I just finished a bottle of Hot Rox and also noticed an increase in strength while losing fat. I’ve gone from 16% bf to 11% bf and my 5 rep max on deads has gone from 265 to 300. Like some of the other posters when I compared it to EC products I was disappointed because I didn’t “feel” anything. Obviously, the results speak for themselves.

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for all the input. Hearing these personal stories is a lot better than the “number one fat loss phenomenon!” reviews all over the internet.

I get the feeling some of you think I am just looking for some quick fix magical pill. This isint the case.

Ive been a serious lifter now for about 2 years, and I became dedicated to diet/cardio since Jan 12. Ive been trying to lose weight for a while now, without much sucess, mainly because I didnt really know what i was doing.

Since Jan 12 i have lost about 17lbs and gone from 28% to 21% bf. From 215lbs to 198lbs currently.

I consider my self a very religious dieter and still working hard on the cardio. And I lift hard in the gym.

I wanna take Hot-Rox cuz im sick of being fat. I have achieved results, albeit slow ones through my current plan, but I need some acceleration here. And I know its gonna be tough to do just on good clean food alone, I have come to understand that supplementation is very important.

So this is why im considering Hot-Rox.

A few more questions…

Why is it so much cheaper on the internet???

Have any of you experciened any negative notable side effects???

Will this product give me a boost of energy, say in the morning for lifting, and at night (when i take the second dose) for a steady state or HIIT type cardio workout ?

Once again, thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate your honest responses.

20 y/0 6’0 198 lbs 21% body fat.
lift three times a week. run twice times a week (HIIT), and thinking about adding steady state cardio on the days i lift (MWF). my primary goal is fat loss with hopefully some muscle maintenance. and i consume about 2100-2400 calories a day. Recently stopped taking whey protein shakes, and have found I lost weight doing this. Thanks!

When I’m off HR, I have a bodyfat increase. On HR it’s like dieting without feeling like you’re dieting. I eat clean, and mostly maintenance level calorie wise, and I lose fat pounds!

The best “side effect” for me: mood boost. I’m happier. And the best “non side effect”: very little jitters - I cant tolerate ephedrine, and barely tolerate caffeine. So an almsot jitter free fat loss supplement is great for me.

BTW I found out YEARS ago that I grow restless and dangerously angry on ephedrine. Did I want a law to get it banned?? NO WAY!!! I couldnt take it, many could.

I have some mixed thoughts on how to respond to your most recent question. On one hand, if you’re losing weight with current plan, why use hot rox if you don’t need it. On the other hand, if you can afford it and it helps keep strength levels moving up and makes you feel better, than why not use it. I guess if I were in your shoes and money wasn’t an issue I’d go for it.

As to side effects, I notice a little energy boost when taking it first thing in the a.m., probably from the little caffiene in Hot Rox. As I posted earlier, the best benefit for me is being able to maintain or get stronger while dieting.

i had the same thought and got my questions that i had about hotrox…
makes it easier to make sound choices.
and plan the weight loss better…thanks