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Your Thoughts: Girls Lifting Heavy


Ok this may not be the right place to ask this cuz I'm sure you guy are a little biased but anyway...

When you see girls lifting heavy at the gym do you think "hey that's pretty cool" or "what does she think she's doing?". I have been getting some pretty strange looks lately; especially when dead lifting. I KNOW I'm the only girl in the gym to do them, and I think the only guys who do them are the body builders and power lifters (and there are only like 3). S

quatting seems to be a rare occurrence around there too. I've only ever got one compliment on lifting heavy (well besides from my trainer) and he was some creepy perv that was doing squats on the Smith Machine!

So lately I've been curious as to what most guys think. I could care less if they have a problem with it...I'm still gonna do it! Just curious!


Doesn't bother me.
In fact, I started my Ex GF lifting weights 24 years ago... and now she's a state/regional level bodybuilder and powerlifter.


nothing hotter


i think
"hey that's pretty cool"
and try not to stare.

do girls who wear running shorts to the gym really expect me not to stare? :confused:


I think it's pretty cool women squat/deadlift, oly lift. I usually ask them what they are training for, my GF squats and does romanian dl.but not many women do, which is a shame.


It's inspiring. And of course:


I'd think it would be pretty cool, if it ever did happen at my gym. Any girls that venture into the weight area do the low weight, high rep stuff.




hot.. id come chat to you and be impressed.


I think that's pretty common. I'm usually the only girl over there that has any weight over 10lbs. Shame!


I think its cool when a girl squats and even cooler when she squats heavy. But that's why I make damn sure she doesn't out squat me.

And as far as compliments go, I wouldn't compliment you in the gym. I think women find it difficult to train in the gym because they're always being stared at or hit on. So I'll just ignore you and let you lift. I'll watch you squat by looking at the mirror.

And yes, I will use the mirror to check out your ass. Consider it a compliment.


and fuckn sexy... I have seen about 2 chicks squatting and dead, but not heavy, atleast they looked hot doing it.

I have never seen any girls lifting heavy at my gym....


it is hot.

Strong chicks are cool


I can think of hotter things, but its pretty cool.


This is nice to hear...since I started squatting/DL-ing, are stares which makes me second-guess myself, form, etc.


I love watching a woman lifting heavy as she can as sweat drips off her beautiful bosom and buttocks while repping it out. After I witness this I quickly walk over and sniff the area she was in and bathe my self in the aromatic smell of perfume and sweat. Then I bust a nut. I clean up my messes though, I try to be respectful unlike them other bastards who leave sweat all over machines and stuff.


I would think it to be very cool, and at my gym I don't see a single woman do them. My gym abides by the whole "high rep burns fat or turns fat into muscle" vibe and doing those heavy weights makes you big and bulky. A couple years ago there were some figure girls who worked out there doing some squats and deads, but those days have come and gone. Every single woman I have ever seen who does squats and deads almost always has a butt and legs that men salivate over, and other women are envious of.


This tends to come up with my friends at the gym when a hot-but-relatively built chick does an exercise with anything over a big plate. I think it's definitely cool and interesting, most of my friends and other guys I know seem threatened/grossed out/not impressed.


Please never stop. You will be doing the world a great service by inspiring other women.


What gym u train at? I'm guessing thats why they give the looks.