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Your Take on Pullovers


I've heard so much shit about these...great for the serratus, bad for the rotator cuff, you should do it on a decline only, limit the ROM, go for a crazy stretch to the floor, high reps, low reps, breathing reps, ribcage expansion (wtf?), targets chest, good for back, straight arms, bent elbows, isolates the serratus etc.

What's your take on these? How and where would you use them? thanks


I love machine pullovers, they are possibly the best back exercise out there (for me anyway).

If you look at the movement, they are very similar to sternum chins - BUT allow you to focus on your back and keep your arms out of the movement.

I can't comment on free-weight versions, as I don't use them.


it doesnt matter just fucking do them.


I love pjr pullovers for triceps after a pressing movement. Way better than any normal extension exercise in my eyes. I wouldn't personally use standard pullovers (or any variations) for chest or back though.




Same here. I can't do any kind of extension or pullover without tearing my elbows up so I've been doing a lot of these as tricep assistance lately.


I love them they are great. I do them with sunk hips, and use breathing technique (think breathing squats). It stretches out all the spinal and abdominal muscles, helps control the muscles that let you 'pop' your rib cage out for poses, and works more than a few muscles, abs, back, chest.


I do the final portion of the movement,the pump in the lower part of my lats feels just great!,


I'm trying to figure out still if I like the machine, I've been using it as a warm up exercise, I feel it more as a back thickness rather than width which is what I feel like I'm lacking at the moment.