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Your Take on Multiculturalism/Immigration


I am interested on knowing your opinions about this subject.

Is it a good thing for a country? Are current immigration policies adequate? What should be done to make things better? What is your reality on a personnal level in your locality with multiculturalism and immigration? Is it even desirable? Why is the situation now "as it is"? And any other thing you wanna bring up.

I know it may be weird to just type your opinion and dissert without any kind of interaction with other posters, but whatever. Just let it go. For once somebody is interested in what YOU think.


I think its the ghey, because culture runs deeper than most commie-pinko-bleeding heart- beatniks care to admit. Hell, its so obvious that even neocons get it.

Multiculturalism does not mean spicy ethnic foods and people with colorful clothing but the role of religion and state, whether you accept aranged marriages or not, whether you accept other, or, horribile dictu, no religions, whether honor killings are the way to go and whether you organize in ethnic tribes and think cliterectomies are a-ok.

Sorry, but they can keep this shit in the desert, because a giant litterbox is its rightful place.


Everyone is about their own tribe in the end.


I used to think multiculturalism was a good thing, all the politically correct thing. But in reality I didnt have clue. Now I see that it is a direct menace to the overall collective happiness of a society.

In Qc we dont have a big history in immigration. Throughout history french-canadians were isolated. that is why we are seen as friendly and accepting by the immigrants. Yes we are, but it is a result of ignorance. I think this is gonna change in the near future with the current massive influx of immigrant. but then it will be too late. Shit will be as ugly as everywhere else and Quebeccer will not be seen as friendly anymore. I think the happiness of the society will diminish. It is a shame no one sees this and we keep accepting people.

I am still interested in knowing your opinion.


I think those who think culture is static or consistent across space are mistaken.

Immigration and multiculturalism started with trade.

I think the idea of the Sate is undermined by multinational corporations (this is not a value judgment).

Not speaking about facts because it might offend someone is a problem - because it means facts cannot be discussed. Opinions are not facts, and are by default, culturally biased.

I think a secular gov't is the best defense and offers the greatest continuity against a changing population.

I think the adult individual should have the final say of what they do to their body. Not the gov't, not religion, and especially not politicians and their "constituents". And the individual bears responsibility for their choices.

How's that?


What if you don't know which tribe you belong to?






Everyone loves multiculturalism/diversity, until it moves in next door.


Yes, well regulated and managed migration can be useful - and I think multiculturalism is more of a symptom than a policy. People will bring their cultures and adapt to the things that appeal to them - restrictive policies discourage integration.

Can't say anything about the US. In the UK, the topic is highly charged - and fuelled with a lot of misinformation. In principle, the regulations are surprisingly tough - enforcement though tends to be patchy and incoherent. Policy is mostly done on the hoof (whether from the left or right), and not evidence based.

Evidence based policies should be applied - not what looks 'tough on migration' in the media.

Fine. I live in one of the multicultural hot spots in the UK, and can't really complain about this aspect. I'm annoyed by bad infrastructure and poverty / inequality driven symptoms such as low quality housing, low level crime and public disorder etc. - I cannot see a cultural element in it though.

I think it's a no brainer that cultural exchange is the basis for societal progress - attempts at protectionism tend to not only be impractical, but counter productive. I think it's more about management than a strict 'yes' or 'no'.

Decades of policies based on fear of public perception - not evidence. People fear strange and different other people - and tend to blame them as soon as things (like the economy) start going wrong. On the other hand, I don't think you can shape a 'multicultural' policy either - I'm probably almost libertarian (I'll go and wash my mouth out in a minute): I think there is nothing wrong with letting people into your country in pursuit of improving their quality of life - in the long term it will create loyal and productive citizens. Open societies thrive better than ones that attempt to be closed. For that clear, fair and evidence based regulations are necessary.

To the OP: that's my opinion. To the others: flame away.



Live and let live


Should have thought of that before writing my diatribe.



Your is more in depth :slightly_smiling:


Don't leave your house, ever.


Any thing promoted by liberals needs to be questioned. The problem with multiculturalism is most cultures are tolerant of most people and its really a none issue. It only becomes an issue when people like those that want to enforce sharia law in a nation that gives individuals rights. We as a nation tolerate Muslims and all religions, how ever, when those religions start to step on our toes. No one says anything until now.
Our immigration system is broken. It needs more reforms than a hooker that went confession.
First we need secure boarders. (this needs to be done for many reasons, the biggest being to stop terrorists from coming in and any presents they might bring) Second we need a transient worker system. (This allows us to track and id all those in the country. Every US citizen is required to have an id if they want to get into a bar, drive a car, or smoke cigarettes. People coming in should be no different. More so if they brake the law we then know who they are and can keep them out of the country. )
Human smuggling, drugs, massive flow of cash tax free going from the USA to Mexico are just a few of the reasons why things need to change. Be very wary of any thing the Democrats or liberals try and push for immigration reform.


Muliculturalism is hippie bullshit and its only goal is to discredit, degrade and destroy western culture.


"Multiculturalism" is a bunch of bullsh*t. We should have no tolerance for it.

I'm all for DIVERSITY within one culture, but "multiculturalism" will destroy our country.


I think most people consider multiculturalism the definition you described. I thin the so called Conservatives want everyone to believe the so called liberals mean something else


I think this is the first thing you have ever said that I agree with.


I agree with this 1000 percent.

My History teacher touched on Multiculturalism and how the increase of it has led to a more disjointed America where in we cannot agree on anything.

Im non white and I'll tell you one thing I have notice is that its minorities(im including their culture in this) are more hateful and racist than the Larger Majority Culture(white/christian/ etc).