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Your Supplement Staples?


Whether you're a starving college student or a family man on a tight budget... we all have supplements we can't do without. What supps do you guys GOTTA have? I recently cleaned out the change drawer in my apartment and scoured the floorboards of my car to come up with enough $ to buy some creatine.

The ONLY supps i would feel naked without are protein and a multi-vitamin. Everything else, in my opinion, is a luxury.

Imagine having an unlimited supplement budget?!?! =)


Creatine is so cheap, it's hard to imagine doing without it.

Essential for me:

Protein powder (really like whey isolate during workout)
Creatine - cheap
Ground Flax meal (fiber, Omega 3) - cheap
Fish Oil (seems to help with mood and recovery)
Vitamin C - cheap

If everything went to hell financially, I would be okay with those supplements.

Truth is, you can make a lot of progress without any supplements, just with food.


I would not workout if I didn't have some kind of peri workout drink.


zma and fish oil if i had to choose two.


Flameout and Low-Carb Metabolic Drive.


fish oil and creatine would be my first 2 if my budget was that small.

I dont think a cheap Protein powder is a wise choice. Frozen chicken or ground beef on sale would be cheaper.

Vit-D3 would probably be my 3rd, then a multi, then Vit-C, then ZMA....


Fish oil and vitamin D3. Protein powder if your short on time, if not..and your under 200lbs i wouldn't bother with it. Whole foods do the the body good.


Fish oil first.
Protein second.
Other stuff third.


protein powder


All I see is sexy avvie.

Call me sometime :wink:

Oh, as for the topic;
Fish oil and a multi are essentials for me.
As for my protein, creatine, stuff like that... I consider them more essential than luxuries, but not everyone feels that way.


This reminded me of this throw back...lol :slight_smile:

Anyways carry on with the supplements, friends.


Liver, amino acids, bourbon.

No shit.

Austin-great progress you're making; always makes me wonder where those haters back in the day ended up.


Thanks bro, I don't think my arms have grown at all regarding the tape measure since a year and a half ago lol, but they definitely have more muscle and less fat. Haters going to hate, if you have a clear cut plan, let them talk shit, this sin't a sprint it's a long journey and I love proving people wrong.


can we get an "austin: how do you train?" thread soon?

as for supplements:

protein powder
Superfood (not a veggie fan)

as for peri-workout supps.: combine protein, creatine, leucine, and dextrose based gatorade and you're good to go.


Fish Oil, Multi Vitamin, Protein and Creatine. All inexpensive and I can let the diet do the rest.


I like to think in terms of "what can I easily get from diet" and "what is more difficult to get from diet". The difficult ones will be the ones I supplement. And the ones I would supplement are the exact same ones beaul mentioned:

-fish oil
-Vit D3


that's a joke right? k good. i'd have to say nothing. i don't notice any difference anyway, i just buy supps out of faith lol.


-fish oil
-vit d
-super enzyme blend

That's it, that's all.


Fish Oil
Multi Vitamin
Zinc and Magnesium
Betaine HCl
Fibre drink

Beta Alanine with Creatine
Whey after workout


Gerananium oil, Siberian Ginseng, Yohimbine. Not the regular stuff but when you learn how to use them, they really improve performance.

Otherwise multi vitamins, milk, eggs and SQUATS!!