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Your Summer Goals?


Just wondering what my fellow T-Nation brothers/sisters are planning on doing this summer for physique goals, whether it be to cut, bulk, or maintain, and what type of numbers you hope to hit by summers end.

As for me although, I've cleaned up my diet a bit, I plan on continuing to bulk. Hoping by summers end I'll increase my bench by 35 pounds and finally hit that 405 mark. I also would enjoy hack squating 8 plates per side, and BB curling a whopping 205. I think most of the goals are reasonable in the next 3 or so months. Ohh and also bring my calves up tremendously.

Anyways I'll enjoy hereing other peoples goals as well as watching you guys accomplish them.

Good Luck.


Continue to cut so that I can look like I lift weights (albeit small pink weights - but still, weights).

Good luck on your bench and other lifts.


I'm sure people perceive you bigger than you perceive yourself :wink:.

And thanks hopefully I can hit those goals, and good luck to yourself as well.


Weight/strength gain for me... currently back to where I was in April, maybe even a little before that. So first and foremost recovering from that little upset and then just continuing to grow.

Sort of an aside question: how is muscle memory for newly gained muscle (which is primarily what I lost) - is it going to be almost as hard as putting it on the first time or should i expect it back within a few weeks or so?


Just hit the damn 290 mark on the scale, while still looking sexay lol. About 12 pounds left to go


Strength and size gains will come back much faster than making gains you haven't yet accomplished. Same thing sort of happend to me the beggining of this year.

With a car accident and much stress from school and work, just life situations, my numbers decreased a lot. The most noticable is that I plumetted to a 285x2 on the bench this January. I soon after got back up to 300 for a few reps and am now sitting at 335x3 on the bench. IN 6 months I've completely surpassed my previous record by a lot and regaining my previous strength only took 6-8weeks.


Fucking beast Way, always have me playing catch up :wink:.


My goals are both size and strength related. I'd like to gain 7 lbs of muscle getting me up to 230 lbs without gaining any inches on my waist. Would like to get my biceps closer to 17" as well. They're about 16 and 1/4 on a good day.

For strength, I'd like bench 315x2 at least (currently 305x1) . Curl 135x6 on my top set (currently 115x3). Front Squat 315x3 (currently 235x3).

Nutrition: Getting at least 4000 calories with 350grams of protein each day while keeping carbs below 300.


I want to add about 22 pounds of muscle to my frame. I made a huge layoff last year but my bodyfat, muscle mass and strength is better than ever, so it's time to get some serious muscle, fuck, after watching young guys like austin, way, holymac makes me try to avoid staying back. I think it's true the self perception distortion, but it's not about what others think, many guys here have sure been told that they're "just right" and that they shouldn't require to put higher efforts on musclebuilding related factors.

Come on austin I think most who don't have big calves want them everyday.


Reach 200 lbs or over
Arms over 16 inches

Bench 225
Squat 300
Deadlift....umm not sure here


My goal is to hit 240lbs by Christmas. I think this is an achievable goal in the time frame.


Get as big and as strong as I can.

Only problem is eating, but I'll handle it dammit.

I'm currently 210-ish, but not 210 I wan't to be (I'm 6'3'')... I hope increasing my deadlift as much as I can and to start rowing with 100 dumbbells :slight_smile:


I'd be more than happy with:
100lbs DB row
50lbs DB curl
dips + 50lbs


Deadlift 455. May 30th was 405


weigh 200+lbs


Hopefully a successful body re-comp. So gaining mass and cutting some fat down, which I'm hoping, due to my beginner status, will be possible with good nutrition and hard work. Have just over a month to hit my goal of a 500lb deadlift. Haven't got any bench and squat goals in particular, but I'd like to hit the 5/4/3 milestone soonish (probably won't before the end of summer though!)


Flat bench 350 by september
Incline bench 315 ( sitting at 265 for 3-4 right now)
Curl 135 for 6-8 ( at 115 for 6 )
Keep my shoulders healthy
Hit 200 again, but this time in the 12-14% range.
405 snatch grip DL off 2 45's ( sitting at 380)

Good summer for training, managing a gym within walking distance, and getting paid more so ive been eating like a horse.

Flat bench was calculated at like 320 ( equals fail)
Incline bench 315 ( need to start back up)
Curl 135 for 6-8 ( Hey, actually got this one!)
Keep shoulders healthy(Check)
Hit 200 again but leaner (193-195 leaner, giving partial credit here)
405 snatch grip ( got away from these)


Mine is probably the most unenthusiastic one here. I'll be travelling a lot during the next few months, mostly around the jungle areas, so I won't be able to go to the gym and hit PRs much. At the very least I want to be able to maintain most of my lifts and probably increase my GPP, mobility and flexibility.


Get as strong as possible while losing my last 15 lbs and the last vestiges of my lovehandles.

Slowly put on 20 clean pounds after.


By the end of the year, I'd like to :

..never wake up and seeing anything less than 220lbs on the scale, while still in decent condition.

..bench 405 (currently at 315 for 4-6).

..be inclining 315 for 5+ .

..be front squatting 365 for 3-5 reps..

..be rack pulling 675 for 3-5 from below the knee.

..have OVER 17 inch arms (currently at 16.5).

..be shoulder pressing 225 for 6-8.

Just some of my top goals. Now lets go get em boys.