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Your Strenght/Weight Gains from Dbol Cycle?

Gonna do some mild 20mg/day dbol cycle for 5 weeks along with my Test cyp. What kind of strenght and weight increase have guys got ?

Ehhhh…not as much as you might expect. I’d run it at 50mg myself if at all possible.

Just gonna do it mild and experiment the dbol. Also, so many people run way more gear than they would even need… i throw a number out of my head that 70% people would get the same results with 1/3 of the gear they use. Also if dbol is what it should be, 20mg/day i have seen pretty damn impressive results, but every one is different. Some guys need less.

I would agree with that.

If you’re talking first and second cycles for sure

If you’re talking r/steroids then I’d agree but on t-nation that isn’t really the case. Personally, I see more folks talking about running 200-350mg/week Testosterone cycles with the expectation of getting results that really only come from 500mg+ cycles. Then 12 weeks later realize their mistake and jump right on another cycle earlier than they should. They would have been better off just doing 500mg from the start and gaining enough muscle that they are happy with their result and willing to give their body enough time between cycles.


It also depends on what your expectations are for the 20mg. If you expect 20mg to get you anywhere near the gains 50mg would then I would think you’d be incorrect. That said I’ve never used Dbol and haven’t seen many folks taking 20mg but I’d have to believe there’s a reason for that.

I love it at really low doses, like in the 10-15mg range, but my expectations are basically zero when it comes to actual visible gains. It’s great to help you just eek out that extra little bit you need to break through a plateau. Or better yet when you’re cutting and don’t want to feel drained and flat 24/7. But 20mg for six weeks? Yeah, you can build with that. It won’t be a lot, but if you’re already on trt/bnc then the risk is minimal.