Your Stats Before Gear and Now?

Curious what everyone’s stats we’re before they ever took gear and what they are now.
Year. 2017
Age. 37
Height. 5’10
Weight. 195
BF%. 14
Bench. 315
Squat. 315
DL. 325
Penis length. J/k

Age. 38
Height. 5’10
Weight. 200-205
BF%. 10
Bench. 355
Squat. 375
DL. 405

I currently have tennis elbow/tendonitis in my left elbow and biceps tendonitis in my right shoulder and am holding off on next cycle. Just sucks because I enjoy lifting and seeing results.
Switched from a push pull legs routine to an upper lower because I hit a plateau and thought higher frequency would help. Might have been the culprit for tennis elbow.

I forgot to add the reason why I started and my goals.

I wanted to lose BF and gain strength and size as well as wanting higher libido and sense of well being.
I achieved all of these while on, the only problem was my wife couldn’t handle my appetite for sex.

With a joke for a penis who can blame her :wink:

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Yeah, I don’t blame her either! Too bad gear doesn’t make the important muscle bigger…

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Nacho, You can do a cycle where you back off with the amount of weight used. Increase reps and or sets. Many pro builders go that way when they start to age, and find they still get plenty of muscle growth. Go back to the heavier weights when your joints recover.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve done an upper body work out. Do you think lowering the weight and increasing reps and sets will aggravate the tendonitis? My muscles are very tight, I had my chiropractor use Gua Shaw (which is like the glaston technique) on my shoulder last fall and it seemed to help.

Reducing the weight and increasing the reps, sets will go along way in your favour, as long as your tendonitis is has settled down and is not fresh. For tendonitis you have to work around an injury, change exercises/techniques to ones that don’t cause pain.
Much of tendonitis comes from doing too much weight, developing bad techniques.
Smooth pain free reps(in any movement pattern) is what to aim for before you get back to the heavy stuff.

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Ditch the chiropractor and find a physical therapist that does dry needling. After two sessions my tennis elbow was completely gone.

I don’t know all lift stats but in general I was 170 & around 18% bf
6 yrs later I’m 190off around 10-12% & on as high as 220 10-12%
I could deff do better but it’s just a hobby

Before TRT: 5’7” 145lbs 13% bf
After 14 months of TRT: 5’7” (that wasn’t going to change lol) 182lbs 18% bf

I hit 188 at my peak, but that was on a long bulk and bf got waaay to high (like 22%). Would like to be 185 @ 16% by the start of winter, but we shall see. As a former fat guy it’s hard to not feel shame when I’m eating anything I enjoy, and I am a miserable prick when I’m in a big deficit, so I’m still working on how to get where I want to be without being mentally frustrated every day.

App 40lbs in 14 months is a nice gain imo. What was your try dose?

I will find one in my area and try it out. Dry rubbing sounds a little painful if I have hairy arms

Thank you. I’m on 200mg/w. I’ve been mostly happy with the results and, more importantly, I’ve felt a lot better since going on.