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Your Squat Suit


Just how much do you get out of your squat suit? What type do you use?

I've never used a suit for squatting, but would be interested in knowing what I should expect out of one depending upon material, quality, etc.

I've gone up to 325lb for just below parallel low-bar squat for one rep with a belt and knee wraps.

Do gear tend to add a percentage to your max rather than an specific amount of weight? (i.e. 40lbs on a 400lb squat with a suit, being analogous to 80lbs on an 800lb squat?)


P.S. Yeah, I'm posting a lot last couple days. Crappy weather here and we're 4 hrs from home visiting...I'm staying with the inlaws.


I don't know about % but I get about 100lbs or so out of my Inzer Canvas w/ metal briefs. It's mainly technique changes.


My best raw squat is 405. Best squat in single ply poly (Titan centurion) and Inzer Z 2M wraps is 600 our of a monolift and 545 walked out. I also had a Titan Boss (2ply suit) and hit an EASY 600 in that out of the monolift.

My last meet I was squatting 365ish in just a belt and hit 485 in my suit and wraps and that was an off day and not having trained with the suit. If you train with a tight single ply suit and good tight knee wraps you should be able to get 100-200 on your squat. I want to try a METAL suit, but have yet to get one ($$$ issues)



It's different for everyone, and as the previous posters have alluded to, it's also different depending upon the thickness of the suit.

Personally, I've never gotten more then 100 lbs out of a squat suit. 5 years ago I was hitting in the mid 6's with a double ply inzer hardcore, and today I'm hitting in the high 4's with a single ply inzer hardcore. For the record, I've heard GREAT things about Titan, but have yet to try them out. They weren't as big back in 2000 ish as they are now.

It will really depend on what federation you're gonna lift with. If I was gonna compete with the WPO, I'd have a triple ply inzer Leviathan, which would probably add around 200 lbs to my squat. As it is today though, I compete with USAPL and am limited to single ply gear...


Yes man... gear does help you lift more. But it will hinder you more than help if you dont train with them and understand the whole meaning and use of them. A lot of us have experienced that when we train with our gear alot our raw lifts go down.

Unfortunately it happens. I would tell you man, that unless you plan on competing, dont bother with the gear. Its a lot of time and pain that has to go by before you get proff. in using them. Just keep that in mind.


You'll get as much out of suit as you put into it. A top of the line singly ply suit like a centurian with wraps should give you 75 to 100 pounds once its broken in and you become comfortable handling the heavier weight. A tighter suit and more experience using it can get you well over 100lbs out of a centurian. Though if you're not competing in a PL meet there is no point.


Shit dude. What the hell??? That's insane carryover. Your core must be exceptionally strong...

For the record i get about (30ish kg) 60-70lbs outta my Titan Centurion. I have only worn if for one comp and 4 training sessions tho and since I'm 7kg heavier now the suit should be tighter so I'm hoping to get closer to 100lbs (45kg)


you should be getting more than that out of a canvas. I am getting 75+ out of my Inzer Hardcore. I have a gym best of 600 with just wraps, and 675 with the suit and wraps. I have been using this suit since Nov 06. I am going to step up to a double-ply Crain CX-1 if he ever ships it to me.


I'm just guessing right now. I know I can squat 675 to 700 raw w/ a belt. My meet pr right now is only 800 due to some other bullshit. I did hit 600 w/ 300lbs in band tension w/ my straps down last month. I should be able to hit 850 to 900 but I haven't done it in a meet yet so I don't count it yet. So your probably right but it is not official carry over as of right now.


I get 740 out of a Metal Pro with Boss breifs. Briefs and wraps, I'm good for 694. Belt and wraps, who knows? I did 525 for 5 a few months back- maybe I could get 580-605 for single. For me, a suit is not a big deal- but a good pair of briefs (or suit with straps down) makes big difference.