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Your Squat Reps vs 1RM


I am just curious as to what people's reps are vs. their 1rm maxes are on the squat.


I can usually do more reps when I have less weight on the bar.


475x3 and maybe 505-515ish for a single right now. Otherwise 405x8 easy.

What is your squat reps vs 1rm?


i have hit 525x5 a few months back and just did a double with 600 a few weeks ago. If i had to guess right now id be somewhere near a 650 1RM. 625 is my current PR.


god for you


at 15 (currently) i hit 350 for a triple, so im guessin my 1RM is somewhere around 370, maybe 375, but thats probably pushin it.



I think calculating your 1 rep max from squat nuumbers is not that accurate. I punched in my numbers for 10 reps on the squat, it said I could do 405 lbs in the squat. So I tested and only got 330 lbs.

I think partly because you can squat more the more you rest (in between reps). I mean if you have a 10 rep max you can double it... Just do breathing squats and you can do 20 reps.