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Your Song In the Gym Today?


Just curious as to what song got you guys going at the gym today...

For me it was an oldie...by P. Diddy - Victory


Bad to the Bone came on at one point on the old rock station that's always on. I wish they had a CD player so I could bring CD's.


I had some shitty garbage about a family living on some farm and recovering from some kind of disaster. The father died, too. Bah. I ain't knocking it, but it didn't belong in the gym. It was depressing.


The Gold's I lift at plays mostly crappy music that does nothing to get me going. I really need to invest in a small MP3 player.

There's nothing like listening to Avril Lavigne or Coldplay while you're trying to crank out those last few tough reps... :wink:


Ya'll really need MP3 players. =D


marilyn manson, the fight song.


Muzik - Knoc'tur'nal


Jay Z's Dirt off Your Shoulder and Just Wanna Love You Baby.....yes I'm a metal listener, but these songs are just as good as Metallica songs....gets you going


Holy shit man, I nearly forgot about that song.

"We keep that shit packed tight/ Brass Knuckles and flashlights."

That's fight music baby.


I gotta go with big man with a gun by Nine Inch Nails....such a good song.


Fuel by Metallica
Whatever by Godsmack


Piss it all away
She hates me

Puddle of Mud


Anything by M.O.P. - that's music strictly for 7-11 robbery.


anything by AC/DC always seems to lift the intensity


master of puppets by metallica


Today was:

Show me How to Live - AudioSlave
Hey Man Nice Shot - Filter
Blurry - Puddle of Mud
I Stand Alone - Godsmack
Man in the Box - Alice in Chains
Jet City Woman - Queensryche
Keep Away From Me - Godsmack

MP3, the only way to be. Always a great tune to motivate.


Fuel - Metallica
One - Metallica
Freedom got an AK - Da lench mob


Today is Masisyahu Live at Stubbs


This morning it was 'Shout2000' by disturbed and 'Rainbow in the Dark' by Dio.


I've got some Live, Jason Mraz, Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz and some old Stones on my MP3 at the moment.