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Your SHBG Levels Before and On TRT

What was everyones SHBG levels before versus on TRT?

My SHBG was 13 pre-TRT and 24 two weeks after starting TRT. I’m one of those few men who get an increase in SHBG on TRT.

Ok thats 2 weeks after what about at steady state?

It’s all over the place. Generally, SHBG will decrease. Some extremely high SHBG levels have dropped into the high end of range, some very low levels have increased, and some are unaffected. Mine have hovered in the low to mid 20s with no significant change.

151 before
90 after a couple of months on
70 on my last tests

Up and down over 8+ years of TRT, but generally up. Average of the first 10 labs = 65 nmol/L and average of the last 10 labs = 77 nmol/L.

During the first 10 labs my TRT program was pretty consistent at 93mg/wk T-cyp in an E3D protocol. During the last 10 labs, it’s been variable, from as low as 82mg/wk to as high as 245mg/wk with the frequency of dosing between daily at the high end, E2D in middle doses (>160-204mg/wk), and E3D at the lower doses (82-110mg/wk). This was part of a T-cyp dose-response experiment to optimize my T-cyp dose based on Free T labs.

I believe that the increase in SHBG is being driven by my use of Armour Thyroid. There’s some published reports that supplemental thyroid hormones can increase SHBG. I started out my TRT program with a 30mg/day dose, increased it to 60mg, then to 90mg, and now back down to 60mg. Not so coincidentally, my highest SHBG levels occurred during the 90mg dose, when they were nearing 100 nmol/L. Note that those measurements did not occur within the the last 10 lab average cited above, where it was a constant 60mg. The 90mg trial occurred several years ago.

Pre TRT: 48
After 6 weeks: 38
After 12 weeks: 24

There was a sizable dose increase after 6 weeks.

Probably more numbers than you want or need, but shows you how SHBG changes. During my first 16 months of TRT, I tested my blood every month.

Pre TRT: 104+
After 30 days: 97.2
After 60 days on TRT and 30 days on Danazol: 60.4
After 90 days on TRT and 30 days OFF of Danazol: 101.1
After 120 days on TRT and 30 days BACK ON Danazol: 33.2 (about April 2018)
Oct 2018: 27.3
Dec 2018: 40.55 (unknown reason for increase)
April 2019: 24
Sept 2019: 12 (!)
Jan: 2020: 32 (cut Danazol dose in half from Sept 2019)

My testosterone was considerably higher (91->640 ) than two weeks earlier, testosterone improves glucose within days and up to 9 months for full glucose management improvements. The diabetes was suppressing the SHBG, improving glucose allowed SHBG to increase.

Granted further bigger improvements will occur after a stable state has been reached, but that’s not to say you won’t get any improvements simply because levels aren’t stable.

SHBG is not supposed to be all over the place. You want it stable within a few points. Why are you taking danazol?

Interesting numbers! I’ve never tried using Danazol (danocrine) to supress SHBG, but I have had communications with guys that have successfully used it in the range of 20-30 mg/day. I could never get past the high price compared to stanozolol.

What dose were you using during time you obtained these labs?

Danazol was prescribed at 50mg per day as the first test. Then increased to 100mg when it proved to be working but not bringing it down enough.

Then reduced to 50mg when SHBG came down to 12 and was continuing to drop.

I’m sorry, my SHBG history is too difficult to easily answer your question.

I pay $80USD per month I believe. Goodrx.com shows I should be paying less than $50 but I was never able to get it for that AND be allowed to fill in advance for travel.

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Somebody tried to use Proviron?

I dont like it. Its dht so it increases your androgen:e2 ratio. If you do use it you have to be very careful not to crush your e2 with it.

Before TRT 62
Has settled in the 28-32 range consistently on last 4 labs.

Solid info. What is your free t, total t may i ask?

Total T last 4 labs low of 854 and high of 912.

Free T Direct low 26.9 and high of 29.6 past 4 labs.

Tru T (free T) calculator low 28.9 and high of 31.22 past 4 labs. Using SHBG and Albumin inputs.

Is that free t ng/dl? I want to run some calculations.


Free t is too high. DHT is man handling your e2 right now hence why you have been soo flat and tired all the time.