Your Safety Squat Bar vs PL Squat Numbers?

What’s the difference between you PL Squat and Safety Squat Bar?
I think my PL squat should be higher . Mine are around the same presently. Any feedback is useful thanks guys.

If your SSB and comp. squat are the same then you are probably doing something wrong. I haven’t done SSB squats lately but I would say that it’s around 10% behind.

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I haven’t tested my 1RM on the SSB or the squat recently, but my work sets are all about 10-20% lighter.

My most recent heavy squat set was 405x9. I’ve been doing SSB for the last 6 weeks and my most recent top set was 375x6 with the SSB. Both done under the same conditions with just knee sleeves and a belt.

I think my 1RM’s would be a little closer, but that’s just a guess. I did an easy 425 but nothing heavier on the SSB. If I had to guess I could probably get 475 on the SSB and 530 or so on the squat if I were to max today.

Your squat should definitely be higher. My guess is technique and probably some mindset. The SSB is probably easier to walk up and squat with, whereas the back squat will involve getting comfortable in an uncomfortable position and putting more work into your technique.

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Between 10-20% depending on how much SSB squat practice I’ve had and what my muscular weaknesses are.

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Mine are pretty close, or they were when I last did a bunch of SSB. However, past a certain point for a given weight SSB is harder than straight bar.

I think it comes down to what your weak and strong points are in your squat. I squat quite upright and rely on my back to save me if I pitch forward - so SSB isn’t too far off my regular squat groove, but I do have to work harder to stay upright. I can imagine someone who leans forward more and/or can’t rely on their back to save them may find SSB won’t let them handle as much weight.

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I have only been doing a few weeks (this time around) so I will see how it goes. Doing reps on SSB is extremely hard work. I deffo rely on my back to save me when it gets heavier .It’s easier for me as my arms don’t bang the sides . I am still worried about losing forward, as it more difficult to dump forward.
Personally I think I am going too heavy so I will start repping out more. I grunt like crazy when do these too. Normally I don’t grunt at all.

High rep SSB squats are one of the best exercises to build your thoracic erectors. I would advise stopping when your upper back starts to round, try to focus on maintaining a neutral thoracic spine.

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SSB is about 10% less

Try doing some good mornings with these. If you’re not used to these, they’ll just totally annihilate the thoracic extensors. Especially rounded back GMs.

If thoracic erectors are the weak link in your squat then you could even do upper back good mornings. Look it up on EliteFTS.

I hit a 490 wrapped competition squat back in April.

I did 505 the other day wrapped on the SSB.

I’ve done 515 on the Spider Bar several times without wraps.


We train SSB weekly after deadlift and it’s considerably lower than standard squat. I’ve never maxed with SSB because I treat it as an assistance only but working sets are likely 20% lower. I have a lot of forward lean on my squats and when things break down, I tend towards a good morning. Although I’ve done this weekly for over two years, I still find it difficult to find my groove with them week to week.

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Granted I haven’t used it much but I find pushing back against and trying to almost arch the back helps.
I am sure as it gets heavier that I will get the same problem.

My squat tends to use a good amount of back do you think ssb will have some good carryover because of how I normally squat? hit 405 for a slow single today. Compare to smoother 515 back squat the week before which is probably a bit more now

@Vincepac1500 at a guess it should help given your back should get stronger using the SSB. Just my viewpoint, but if you’re hitting 515 happily on a straight bar but having to work for 405 on the SSB that would highlight that your weakness lies where the SSB makes you work. Can’t hurt to make that point stronger.

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Thats what I was thinking. Hell I dropped to 325 for 3 sets of 5 and it sucked pretty bad

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Based on what you are saying it sounds like your quads might be holding back your squat, and that’s why the SSB makes it that much harder because it makes you stay more upright. It doesn’t really work your lower back harder that a low bar squat, but you definitely feel it in your thoracic erectors.

Going to resurrect this topic for clarification

My low bar and SSB are roughly the same, and I recently just matched my PR on Low Bar from Dec with SSB the other day. Elbows and wrists have been hurting from low bar, but the switch to SSB feels much better.

If my SSB is higher than my low bar, what could it be a sign of?

Strong quads and upper back, maybe weak glutes and hamstrings or just shitty low bar technique. SSB does feel more natural to me but I can squat more with a straight bar.

Thanks for this info. Funny you say this, because my physical therapist has me doing a lot of glute and hamstring work after I went to him for an evaluation a few weeks ago. Maybe I can smash the fuck out of my low bar goals after this cycle.

I’d post a video, but my instagram is private.