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Your Routine During a Cycle?

do you do more?

I ussually break it down into chest, back, shoulders, legs, and rotate through them on a normal day.

but on a cycle, I feel like I should be doing more somehow; but I dont know how. I cant double up, I just dont have the time or energy. I thought about throwing in a compound move on an alternating day, like doing flat bench on shoulder day, military press on chest day, deads on leg day, and squats on back day.

my friend thinks its not really going to hit that muscle on its offday with just maybe 5 sets of 1 movement, but it will keep it from resting properly.

so do you guys do anything extra or special that lets you better take advantage of the cycle?

I follow the same target depending routine. I just push me harder on intensity or volume, I dont touch frequency.

EDT when on is … an experience

Bastardized DC training-- hit the whole body in two days training on monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday.

Unbelievable gains and recovery even on the most mild of cycles. The best results I got was on my most recent cycle involving high test, high tren, and moderate drol and winni. Achieved a peak weight over 230 pounds while remaining lean.


World… i would be interesed to know exactly how you bastardized DC… i am in the process of bastardizing my current program WITH DC!
Adding R/P and Extreme stretching to my high volume… its going not bad.

However, i am intending to go towards more low volume soon, so please PM me with some shizzit on what you doin!