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Your Realm...


So, lately I havent been around these areas. Perhaps one, two, or three if I'm lucky, of you have noticed.

I spent 6 weeks living on a catamaran in the british virgin islands this summer. I spent it sailing, scuba diving, and doing a fuckload of work on the boat.

I also had plenty of time to think about stuff. Of the numerous topics, I came up with what my "element" or "realm" is.

I started scuba diving a few years ago, and recently got a divemaster certification, and I'm hooked like no other. I've concluded, at this point in my life, that being in the water is probably my favorite place to be. Underwater, you dont have to worry about traffic, gas prices, cell phones, and other bullshit most people stress about that will lead to an earlier death.

So, I thought it would be cool to hear what all of your "realms" are. I know for most it'll be the weightroom, bedroom, kitchen, shitter and the like, but some other answers would be cool, too.


ice rink.


If things would have turned out a little differently in my life, I'd be a total beach bum. Ahhh...

Maybe when I "retire".


I've definitely missed you, RRJC! :slightly_smiling:

And I'm definitely a beach bum. After too many years of living in cold climate, I'll never live any where except the beach from now on.


Yeah, I thought I missed winter and the four seasons when I lived in Socal. Ha! But things are going pretty good for me now and I can't just up and leave Milwaukee now. Eventually...


Nice topic and good to see you back here bro.

My favorite realms would still be the hoop court or golf course. Around a poker table with good friends prob doesnt qualify.


The kitchen. When I'm in the kitchen cooking, everything else disappears.

And, I don't do dishes in my realm.

Another rule of the realm is the cook always gets a BJ.


Glad to hear things are going well for you now in Milwaukee, and hopefully you're not flooded out with all the rain that's been hitting that area recently.

We still have seasons here. Heck, there's some days during the winter when we even have to put a light jacket on. :wink:


Arctic, or at least northern climate.


The beach and water. I am with you RRJC, I love to scuba -- and of course a very close second is in the gym or on the platform lifting some weight.........



The woods/forests.


Camping does it for me. No internet, not tv, nothing but forced relaxation.

Cottage with no power is great also.


How long did it take you to resort to homosexuality?

Welcome back.


-Way out in the country, on the road. Car, truck, motorcycle doesn't really matter.

-Up a tree, on a roof, or up on a mountain, someplace high where I can get a good view, especially at magic hour.

-In a river or creek, water up to my knees fishing. I never catch anything but it doesn't matter. Like Confusious, I fish sometimes without even baiting my hook.

Can't narrow it down to one, there are too many joys in life and I love variety. And there is a whole lot of stuff I haven't had the time or money to do yet.


on stage (acting)


Going on a nice hike (doesn't hurt that I live in CO, where there's plenty of places for that). So relaxing and the scenery is beautiful. Sometimes we're in such a hurry we take things for granted, so it's nice to be out on your own 2 feet soaking in all of this great open space.

At my MMA gym. Great stress reliever and the guys I train with are great and fun to be around.


I love the water too. I can swim better than I can walk. Seriously.


In and around the water. Doesn't matter if it's fishing, scuba diving (I started in mai and only have 11 dives and an AOWD certification, but it's definitely something I will keep doing), swimming, or sitting on a riverbank and bbqing something over a fire.

I also vastly prefer warmer climates to cold ones, but I prefer swimming in a river to swimming in the sea. I'm weird that way. But as long as the water is wet, I'm fine.


Playing my bass.



Yeah. Me too.

And that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it.