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Your Q's in Heavy Metal

I’m about to send Ian King some questions for his “Heavy Metal” column. We didn’t get many really good ones this week for Ian, so why don’t you guys and gals post a few here. I’ll send these to Ian and maybe he’ll use your question in his next column on the web or in the next paper issue of T-mag. (I’m going to send these off today, Friday, so post 'em quick if you want in!) Thanks!

Ask him what he thinks about rep protocols where the weight is held the same for the entire sequence(eg, 5x5). And if he does like these protocols what situation would they best be used in? i figured this would be an interesting topic since so many threads have involved 5x5.

What type of excerices would you do with one of your athletes to strengthen his core if he wasnt fit to deadlift other then deadlifts itself

I train pretty heavily in Kung-Fu and as a result my tendons and my hip flexors hurt and are uncomfortable when I go into say the ‘horse’ stance and when I am stretching the hip flexors via a side split and front split. I also have a condition that my hip flexors are tighter than my hams and glute muscles so my pelvic bone is pulled by the hip flexors. Is this pain in my tendons the result of them re-alligning to a more standard positioning as a result of increased stretching (wishful thinking) or is it something bad? Thanks IAN, ~Dawg on the Porch

Hey Ian,
Over the last year I have been battling a nagging injury. I make visits to my chiropractor/kinesiologist and it helps tremendously, but after awhile the nagging symptoms come back. He told me that I am collapsing at my 2nd rib on the left side. From this injury I feel all sorts of discomfort such as: pinching by my left shoulder blade, tightness in my left shoulder, weakness in my left arm, and the feeling like my left side is a wet noodle. Any trainging suggestions that may help me out?

Oh yeah, stats, I am 18 yrs old, 5’9" long femurs, 182lbs at AROUND 10% or so. Leg info - Squat 300lbs, Dead 360lbs (overdeveloped quads also a dillemma obviously, they are ridiculous compared to the hams, my ass is also mighty big)

Is there any major benefit to training each body part separately on it’s own day verses training multiple muscle groups on the same day? Or is it just a question of individual preference? Can a musle group be sufficiently worked if a training session is shared with other muscle groups? (this question is from a chemically “disadvantaged” trainer - ie. non juiced) PS - I think T-mag should get a forum or weekly insert/discussion on a review of a particular website that is devoted to training nutrition roids etc. It can be a different one each week and you could have one or more of your staff critique it. What do you think?

I have a question about (his) squat form. I have purchased both his book and “Killer Leg Exercises” video, but don’t seem to have it down quite right. I beilive that I have the deadlift form (yes, even using heavy weights and more explosive type movements), but when I start to squat heavy, my back hurts a lot after my workouts. I was wondering if he had any techniques/exercises to help me (I’m pretty confident that my form with lower weights is ok).

Ian has published info on number of reps, sets, etc. according to one’s training age. How about taking that one step further and publishing a chart that interfaces training age and chronological age?

I find most of his articles on t-mag are geared towards bodybuilding. What recommendations would he give to athletes seeking improvement in performance. (ex:explosive type sports.)
PS: I know its too general.

Other than prioritizing horizontal pulling motions through performing them first in the week, what do you prescribe to individuals with an anterior-deltoid dominance problem? Would you include exercises such as the muscle snatch and one-arm dumbbell external rotation exercises? Thanks.

Most of the programs posted to T-mag are for bodybuilding. Does he have different views on training for strength sports (Powerlifting, oly weightlifting, etc)?

also, is there any merit to holding stretches for longer than a minute or so. I sometimes go up to two minutes and at the end of the two minutes im really relaxed and can go really deep into the stretch.

In his Awesome Abs series he suggests doing them first in the workout to prioritise them, if you do them in the am after cardio (seperate from weights) are they still getting the same priority?

I would like to know what strength ratios should be for opposing muscle groups and how do you figure it. I’ve read where Ian talked about chest and back, if you can bench press x amount of weight you should be able to row x amount of weight. What about other areas like shoulders and the balance between anterior, medial, and posterior delts. Biceps and triceps? What about quads and hamstrings and how do you compare? A leg curl and leg extension? I’ve heard that the ratio should be 2/1 or even 1/1 to prevent knee injuries but what do you use to figure it. Machines are all different so is there another way to get comparisons? No one has ever been able to give me a good answer so I wonder if anyone really knows. Sorry this is so long but it was the only way I could somewhat explain it. Thanks

Stretching question: In your opinion, what do you consider to be the best back stretches. It would seem to me that it would be a combination of stretches rather than just one or two for optimal flexibility/pliability for the entire back. Realizing that this is a must and is essential for many reasons, what are your thoughts on this and why.

Is it too late? Anyways, recently there has been lots of questions on the forum regarding periodization. What’s Ian’s take on this - especially during a heavy training period. As well as amount of training days: 3, 4, 5 or more days a week? I feel 5+ days a week is just too much. Especially when you are expecting continual results (in muscle growth/strength). Opinions?

With regards to your “Pelvis Has Left The Building” article and some the principles you touched on in your books, do you have any prescription for a trainee with a severe to moderate anterior pelvic tilt?
Obviously stretching the hip flexors is a common solution and Strengthening the Glutes is important. Are there any other suggestions you could make?
I plan to see an ART/Chiropractor to help with my own pelvic instability, but clients of mine tend to look for other solutions.

I’ve heard a lot about Ian’s work as a coach of athletes, specialising in sport performance and speed, although all the work that we have seen from you on T-Mag are mostly bodybuilding/strength routines. Is there any chance you can show us some of your work designed for athletes so we can compare it to other sports-specific programs?

I know that exlosive lifts (cleans snatches etc) are primarily used for strength training but is there any benefit in introducing powerlifting or any other explosive lifting into a bodybuilder’s routine if I’m looking to add some mass? I’ve noticed that powerlifters are usually the biggest boys in the gym but are they like that genetically or does a lot of their mass come from lifting explosively?
Thanks for your input!