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Your Progress and Training Experience?


I'm curious how training experience correlates with progress. Please share:

Training Years
(Number of consecutive years you have trained)

% Strength Gain in Last Year
(Average % of weight you have increased on your lifts in the past year)

Common wisdom is that newbies gain the most their first couple of years, then gains slow down.

On the other hand, if you learn proper lifting technique and experiment with what works best for your body, I could see gains actually increasing past the newbie period.

For me:

Training Years: 6

% Strength Gain in Last Year: 30%


I question a 30% strength increase in your sixth year if you have really been TRAINING for six years. Maybe if you have been working out for five and training for one.
That's a 60lb increase on a 200lb lift
90lb increase on a 300lb lift
120lb increase on a 400lb lift.

After five years of training you must be squatting very close to 2x bodyweight and deadlifting 2x or more(if not you're not TRAINING). If you went from 2.0x to 2.5x bodyweight on the big lifts you had a hell of a year.


Examples of lifts one year ago vs. today (3x10):

Flat bench (dumbbells) - 150 to 180
20% increase

Decline bench (machine) - 360 to 450
25% increase

Leg press (machine) - 900 to 1080
20% increase

Seated row (machine) - 180 to 240
33% increase

I guess that's closer to 25% than 30% increase over the last year. I always try to add some weight or another rep every week.

Anyone else want to share your gains over the last year?


You're 160lbs and can db bench the 180's?


Bench-115lbs to 190lbs

Deadlift-225lbs to 365lbs





Db rows 45lbs-100lbsx8 heaviest db's we have, dunno 1rm

ok, over 16 months instead of a year, but that's all i had.

at least 50% progress on most lifts, but then again i just started.


Lol at the numbers. Post a vid of you benching a 180 pound dumbell, fucking I don't even care if you post yourself benching the 150s.

Unless that's not you in your avatar, because in that pic you have the shoulders chest and triceps of a pre adolecent school girl.


he said for 3x10 as well.


I didn't even see that part my christ. Ronnie does the 200's for 12. I really want some of that crack.


geeeez... tough croud over here... he said 150 to 180 ..... not 150s to 180s

its obviously 75lb dumbells to 90s.

ha ha you guys are funny.


I hope for his sake, but the 450 pound decline even if its on a machine for reps??? Makes me wonder if the DB's are added together or not.


I wish I could press 180s lol. No, it's 90x2 = 180.


Exactly what I was thinking/expecting.


Training Years: 1
% Strength Gain in Last Year: 100%

Sounds pretty good when you think about it like that! Probably helped that I had never lifted before I started...


Bench Press (95lbs max)
increased 215% to 205 lbs max

Back Squat (115 lbs max)
increased 195% to 225 lbs max

Deadlift (135lbs max)
increased 233% to 315 lbs max

Weight (~100 lbs)
increased about 45% to 145 lbs

But then again it was all newbie gains. This year I haven't gained a pound yet, I am still hovering around 145 or so.


my apologies then.


Coming up on my 2nd year training in May.

Went from 60lb. dbs to 75 lb dbs on the bench since last year. (20%)

Went from 190 to 290 on the deadlift since last year. (34.5%)

I just started deadlifts a year ago, this coming year is going to be quite a bit more difficult to pile on weight that fast.

It's basically a measure of forearm strength gains.


Years Training (properly) - 4 1/2

Since this time last year

Body Weight 199 - 206 (3.5%)

Bench - 360 - 385 (7%)
Squat - 435 - 450 (3.5%)
Deadlift - 520 - 550 (5.7%)
Push Press - 275 - 315 (15%)
DB Rows - 110 x 10 - 170 x 10 (54% mainly because I started working out in a gym with heavier dumbells.)


i lift more weight now than then

i weigh more now than then

i dont give a shit what my percentage was and dont even know the formula to do it anyway.

why is this in the bodybuilding section anyway?


Your seated row sucks compared to your presses, oh wait, another potential Hoornstra!


Who adds up both dumbbells? If I say I use 120's, I sure as hell don't mean two 60lbs dumbbells.