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Your Preferred Strength Training Program while Dieting

Hey Coach,

So I’m 9 weeks into my diet now and the Muscle Mass Blueprint is starting to run me into the dirt.

Im considering moving over to a lower volume/higher intensity strength training program. That usually suits my body well and I recover better (2A with many 1A traits). I’m pretty familiar with most of your thibarmy ones but most of them are definitely not to be done in a deficit.

Do you have a specific strength training program you would recommend?

EDIT: Looking around again at your strength programs I re-read BD Strength for Natty. In the Muscle Building Blueprint it’s the 2 lower body days that are really killing me (I naturally recover exceptionally well from upper body training). I was wondering if it would be possible to keep doing MMBP but remove the 2 lower body days and replace them with sessions that use the Best Damn Strength method. What do you think about this?

Yes, that is a perfectly fine option if you only have issues with the lower body session.

I’m very similar by the way. And when when I dieted down for my last photoshoot, in the last 4-5 weeks, I essentially stopped doing leg days and added one lower body exercise to my upper body workouts or did prowler pushing.

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Would you do them as the same intensity as the main movement of the day? Or in a moderate hypertrophy zone?

Moderate hypertrophy zone. Just do enough strength work to maintain or even slightly increase your strength.

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So something like this? Everything is just 1 very hard set. I have a second lower body day where the main movement is deadlift and hamstring focused. The 25vreps at 10rm is a page from John meadows book.