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Your Pre-Workout Meal?


Been reading quite a lot, first post.

Okay, I know pre workout meals are individual and everyone reacts differently to different kinds of foods. We all had bad days and good days in the gym, whether emotionally, or energy wise. But whatever it is, I think we can all agree that pre workout meals are usually the culprit to "sloppy workouts".

So, the question is, what's your pre workout meal? Some people take the same foods everytime, but most do not. If you dont have a "go to meal", what would you recommend is the best?

What kinds of foods can help you boost your energy to kick ass in the gym?


Hyper-shock or any equivalent N-O


If I work out in the mornings then it's usually Eggs + Flax bagel + Milk + Fruit

Evenings it's usually a chicken/ground turkey pasta or steak and veggies

Afternoon workouts are usually something quick like a Tuna melt on a bagel or a tub of Yogurt with chopped fruit and walnuts.

You can go the supplement route to if you want but I like to workout after a nice rounded meal.


Not shure if ti's what the OP asked, but here's a pre and post WO supplement protocol from Christian Thibaudeau:

0.2g of BCAAs per pound 45 minutes before workout
5-7g leucine 20 minutes before workout
25g whey isolate and 20-30g of a fast-absorbed carb 10 minutes before workout
25g whey isolate and 5-7g of leucine during the workout (finishing pretty much with the end of the workout)
50g whey 15 minutes after the workout
5-7g leucine 80 minutes after the workout
50g whey 90 minutes after the workout

Granted, it will provide some energy before and during WO, as well as boosting post-WO recovery. I usually train after dinner (carbs and prots: pasta and meat/fish+vegetables), but the "10 min before", the "during" and the "15 min after" shakes help!


Jesus, reading that makes my head hurt.

My preworkout meal is 1 cup of oats and two scoops of whey.


I just have a tin of tuna and a glass of water lmao.


I usually blend up some ice cream, two cups of milk, some blackstrap molasses, and some unsweetened cocoa powder. Mmmmmmmm.
However, on occasion I'll use some Surge Workout Fuel on leg days.


Usually some combination of Oats, Met Drive, and Natty PB. If it's a lower carb day, I may cook up a few whole eggs, or maybe just PB and Met Drive without any considerable carb source.



Fruit+Whey protein+glucose+glutamine


6 oz ground sirloin
1 cup brown rice
2 scoops cee
1 caffeine pill




apple sliced, 2 tsp organic peanut butter, sprinkle cinnamon. gatorade with some NO if available.


Protien shake and hardboiled egg at 2 oclock. then at 2:30 beta alanine and half a serving of gatorade powder then gym at 3.


20-30 minutes Pre-workout: 1 tsb BCAA, 50g malto dextrine, 70 grams of protein.
Post workout: 50g maltodextrine, 20 minutes later (once insuline is spiked) 70 grams of whey.

simple and not over-complicated.


Whatever I ate for my last meal, buddy. No magic.


I usually do this, sometimes with one scoop Metabolic Drive and one scoop whey. Its the fast track to muscle town. O yeah.


Depending on diet:

Option 1:

whey isolate
micellar casein

Option 2:



whey shake
12 oz Coke
2-3 slices of wheat bread

Or if Iâ??m not feeling it that day:

Spike tablet


1 flour tortilla, 4 oz roast beef, 2 slices pepper jack cheese