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Your Pre-Peri-Post Meals

Made a thread yesterday about mine but now that I’ve re-thought about it I’d actually like to see everyones pre-peri-post meals to see what everyone else is doing…what they feel is working for them/isn’t working. Stuff like that.
And if you get the chance to critique mine that I am about to try out that’d be great…and am going to give the alpha GPC a shot.

Pre workout - 60 min before - Alpha-GPC 2 caps.
Pre workout 30min before - 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel
Pre workout 15min before - 1/2 scoop protein powder I have at my house + dextrose 75g.
During workout - Un-sure? I was thinking Leucine 5g’s (more or less?) with other 1/2 scoop of protein powder

Post workout 15min - 1 scoop protein powder + 5-10grams creatine + 15-20g’s BCAA’s.
60min after - 1 scoop protein powder.

25-15 min pre: 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel, sometimes 1 Spike shoooter
During: 1 scoop Surge Workout Fuel + 25 grams Pepto-Pro

At the moment it looks like this:

WO-120: Normal meal (usually P+F with light carbs <20grams, if carbs are higher I take a cinnamon extract pill)
WO -60: Alpha GPC and palatinose if previous carbs were on the lighter side
WO -30: Alpha Male + Beta7
WO -15: 2 scoops Surge Recovery (+5 grams each leucine and creatine) + 100 mg 4-hydroxyisoleucine (down pill and half of the mix before the WO, then sip the remainder throughout the WO)
WO +15: 1 scoop Surge Recovery (+5 grams each leucine and creatine)
WO +60: Whole food protein meal (200 g Shrimp or Chicken breast in coconut oil or butter - amount depends on goal and daily calorie needs)

Surge Workout Fuel, Surge Recovery, Surge Recovery, and some more Surge Recovery.

I really like Surge.

10 min pre-workout: 40 simple carbs 25g protein
15 min post-workout 20 simple carbs 30 complex with 25g protein and 5g BCAA
pretty basic, but does the trick!

Wake up:
3 eggs
1 cup steel cut oats w/peanut butter mixed in
1 cup mixed berries (trader joes)
2 cups black coffee w/cinammon
1 oz. red wine vinegar

1 hour later I Workout

During workout:
I drink a serving of SizeOn

Immediately following workout:
1 serving of ISO-Pure protein (50 grams)

About 1 Hour After Workout:
Some type of meat (tuna, turkey or chiken)
Some type of veggie (green beans, peas or cabbage)
Usually some celery stix and peanut butter
Diet Coke

pre - uh food(mostly high carb)
peri - gatoraid with 2 scoops whey
post - uh more food

nice and simple.

Ive been doing a bastardized version of Thibs plan, while doing a recomp

60 min: 1-2 FINiBARs
20 min: 2 scoops Surge recovery
workout: 20 gm Peptopro and 36 gm waxy maize (I’m probably going to go with just Peptopro, no waxy maize on my next order)

15-30 min Post workout: 24 gm Whey
Than a solid meal after that, usually some meat and a fat source, no carbs

I personally didn’t really notice a drastic difference when I used SWF and the price didn’t justify it at the time, but since it has come down in price I may add it back in if I came afford it.

workout -30 => 1 scoop protein powder
workout -10 => 10g bcaa 50g dextrose
postworkout +0=> 1 scoop protein powder
postworkout +30 =>1 big steak + 1 big potato + lots of veggies + more fooood :smiley:
simple P:

workout -45: One scoop NO Shotgun (I bought a lot of it before I read how useless NO is, but it has creatine beta alanine, 20g protein, and a decent amino profile)
workout -5: One Scoop Surge Recovery (1.5 on lower body days)
during: Sip on One scoop Recovery (1.5 on lower body days)
about 10 minutes after: One scoop ON Whey in 12oz milk
I normally eat a full meal 1-2 hours after the last shake. I will buy workout fuel when i run out of shotgun

1hr Pre Workout:
4oz Chicken Breast
6oz Pasta
Pasta Sauce and Grated Cheese

2scp gatorade powder
5g leucine

Same as peri +creatine

Post-WO Meal:
Steak and Waffle Fries!

Good things guys, I think I am going a bit overboard with mine I’ve simplified it much more and don’t think I need all that. Thanks for the replies, just wanted to see how everyone set theirs up and everything pretty much the same except ppl using differnt things.

B rocK steak and waffle fries sounds delicious lol I gotta look into that.

workout -60 = 2 caps alpha gpc
WO -30 = FINiBAR
during warm up = workout fuel + creatine w/Spike shooter+ cocnut water or
workout fuel + Spike tablets + creatine
during workout = waxy maise + whey + leucine + creatine + crystal light