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Your Power Clean, How Much/?


One of my favorite lifts is a power clean. I think it develops the shoulders marvellously and I love the head rush I get sometimes.

I do not cheat either and drop the weight; I make sure I get the full effect and go from bar-in-the-front-squat-position to dropping it to the bar-in-standing-deadlift-position to putting it on the ground without really dropping it.

My all time greatest achievement is a 5x5 run with 225 pounds, over this past summer. The most I have done weight-wise is probably 260 or so. I am 5'11" and around 180 pounds heavy. What is your best achievement???

On a side note I recently became addicted to one handed push ups.


Nice job on the cleans. Just so you know, dropping the weight doesn't mean you are cheating. If you are working for conditioning, continue your sets the way you do them. If you are practicing to be more explosive on the cleans, drop them after you have racked it. Without doing the negative of the rep, you can be fresh to power clean more often...or do other Oly lifts.

Most I have ever power cleaned was 230 at bw of 185, but I don't try for a max power clean. If I want to do a light day, I will do 1 power clean followed by 3 jerks or 2 reps of PC&J.
On heavier days, I work up in full cleans.

Can you post a vid of your cleans?


Back in the day I was sort of addicted to all the O lifts. Now a little older and wiser I've started up again and it feels pretty damn good. The most I ever did was about 275 in high school. At that time I was 6'3" 250. It's been about 16 years since then though but striving for the same if not more on this.

As for the one handed pups I also gotten pretty addicted to them. At the moment I am on the elevated portion not quite on the deck yet.

Cheers Rick


305 @ 6'5" 265, I dont do the front squat with it, I normally catch it a little below standing position.


Im around 250 max for the power version. 5'11 and a little under 200 right now.

I was talking to someone at my gym the other day and he was saying that oly lifts are the harders to improve (max numbers) on. Do you guys think that's true? I haven't really made any gains in the last 6-9 months in my cleans but my snatch has improved, mainly because I just started snatching.


A video? Haha nah man that's not gonna happen.... I work out in some overpopulated college gyms.

I really don't lift for a max weight either, I am at the point where I am pretty much as strong as I want to be and would have to cut down on the cardio and eat a lot more to really put on more strength (and weight as well which I don't want). Part of it too is fear of injury. My wrists and rotator cuffs get beat up from the snatches/cleans, especially the wrists. My knees start getting iffy too if I squat above 225... I don't like it when they start popping and feel like the tendon is going to rip lol.... so I usually just do that for many sets of like 6-8 and keep the risk to a minimum.

I would say it's hard to up your max though with the clean. It's such a concentrated exercise and requires your entire body to get stronger to be able to lift more. Technique is vital too. I don't really know what my max is and don't care to find out either. As long as my shoulders are sore as shit for 2 days and stick out of my shirt in a way unlike most other guys in the gym, I'll be happy.


im a little bitch, im new to them, being doing them on/off for 9 months

185 x 3 for cleans... i really like to do them and ppl in my gym think im a freak. i esp like it when they walk behind me as im 1/2 way thru lol...


I too love when people walk right next to you during Oly lifts. I was midway through a snatch and someone walked behind me close enough to reach out and touch me once. Dumbass. Here, have a weighted barbell on top of your head.

My best power clean is 262 for two @ 185 BW, 5'10". Right now, I'm probably a bit below that.

Brian, 5x5 at 225 is really good strength endurance though. I don't know if I could have done that even when I maxed 262. That makes me think that you've probably got a good enough strength base to get your max a bit higher fairly quickly.

I love cleans though. They're a staple in my workout. I usually Oly lift of some type every workout.