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Your pooh

Machine, I would never think of you as a pretty boy. Just a human piston.

Well Slapmonkey, I replied, but it never showed. Here goes again:

No, I’m not offended. Actually I laughed at your “mess with Kentucky” statement. We’re not Texas. But anyway, to your question.

Yes, your correct. It is derived from Winnie the Pooh. There are two seperate meanings though. One, my former chunky HS self, and also my dramatic love life in HS also. The former was physical, the latter sexual (get it?).

Delayed reaction, been busy. My apologies, Poohb.

Thanks Ike… I think.

Flattered by a monkey. That’s a first.

comp sci majors are ‘dorky looking’? :frowning: what a terrible stigma i have to change, being a CS major and not dorky looking. . .