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Your pooh

Well since I’m a lazy sob, and this is the only recent shot I’ve had (thanks to my computer science class this morning), I thought I’d go ahead and throw up a simple facial shot, just to give a face to the name.

I realize you’re unable to discern anything concerning my physique. However, I’m currently cutting and I shall, you have my word, post a real deal pic over on the pic board, probably sometime in June. Oh yeah, it was 8:30am went this shot was taken, so if I look a bit out of it, well, I am.

Here’s another. Yes, mommy made me :).

That last one is pretty grainy. My apologies.

Muhahahaha I have seen your face and will commence moving to Kentucky and stalking you. Posting your face was the biggest mistake you ever made. Now your in for it… Just kidding of course, and I can say with this out fear of being called gay because I am very comfortable with my heterosexuality. You are a good looking guy.
:slight_smile: Groove

Big mistake, posting your face.

I’ve already been killed!

Thanks groove! I can always use the support :). Yes, I still respect your masculinity.

Ike, they killed you? That must suck.

Seriously though, I’ve never given out my name, so it would necessitate some serious stalking.

Well I am up fpr the challenge. I have done some serious stalking in my time so look out. There can’t be that many people where you live. Alli have to do is knock on every door until I find you.
Oh forget it…The easier thing to do would just be to assume your identity and start posting on homosexual, bondage forums.
:0 Groove

You’d really do all that for me? Your too good. God knows I’ve always wanted to bust out on the hardcore S&M scene.

Well from the pictures it reall looks like you’d fit in. I can totally see little tufts of blonde hair sticking out of a nice leather mask. As for buttless chaps I couldn’t reallt tell you if they’d be ideal for you as we don;t have a physique shot yet but I am assuming they would be acceptable.
Oh and it owuold be my pleasure to do all this for you. Think nothing of it.
:slight_smile: groove

I was thinking more along the lines of the leather mask with the zipper mouth setup, a la People Under The Stairs.

So what S&M boards are you posting these pictures on, Groove?

I don’t want to double-post with the ones I’m putting them on…

Nice, that is one sweet mask. Isn;t nice how we can turn something as innocent as you posting a picture into something so twisted and different from the original intent of the post.
:slight_smile: groove

Wouldn’t it be easier to go to all the Us in Lexington that offer a comp sci major and look for a silver 350?


Now I have a proof that not all CS majors are dorky-looking. Very nice pics. :slight_smile:

And the rest of you guys are just too funny. giggle


Groove: you hit it on the head. :slight_smile:

Clint: I’m impressed. You’ve been keeping tabs.

Stella: You’ve misunderstood dear. No way in heck I’m a comp sci major-this class is a GE. I’m actually an English major/Religion minor. That’s right…pooh digs prose.

Ah. LOL. Mea culpa. :wink:

So you’re an English major, huh? I was an EX English major. :slight_smile:

Cool. Another T-man pretty boy. Welcome to the club man. I purposely keep a shaved head and facial hair to avoid being called “pretty”. If I grow my hair out and shave off the goatee, people (read girls) tell me I should model. Not what I like to hear.

Poobaya, I’m also a religious studies minor. Only 2 more classes. I’m not sure if I’ll ever need it but the classes sure make you think. Those damn papers and reading 10 books for each class can be a pain though. Certainly harder than my business classes or any of my ex. science classes will be.

Machine: yeah, I hear ya’ on the religion classes. However, don’t give in to your profs “opinions” so easily.

My school’s religion dept. is extremely liberal, contrary to basically all of my religious beliefs.

Point is, you’ll find most religion profs have their own agenda, and in some instances, do their best to propagate just that, reguardless of mainstream beliefs. Good luck.

I have a question. Why the name “Poohbaya”? Cuz as soon I saw your first pic and the name I thought “Winnie the Pooh.” No offense, I wouldn’t wanna mess with Kentucky or anything…

"No offense, I wouldn’t wanna mess with Kentucky or anything… "

:slight_smile: None taken. Your correct. It’s a derivative of winnie the pooh. Two sources:

  1. I was a little chunky in H.S and many of my friends dubbed me pooh, poohbear, winnie, ect. Even Sugardaddy, which I detested.

  2. My best friend’s father, who is too cool for his age, liked the name pooh as he always gave me a hard time and nagged me about my dramatic love life. So yes, this one has some sexual undertones. (Get it? Hint: the second sylable is missing)

So, to this date, this has been my only real nickname…ever. It was then an obvious choice for a new screen name.