Your Pocket Change Supports USA Strength Athletes

Your $1 Can buy USA a Gold

You probably have one in your pocket right now. Personally I reminisce about the days when it only took one to go to a movie, to buy two cans of soda, or more recently a 4 piece McChicken Nugget. It is the $1 bill. Today it is seemingly not what it once was, but your $1 can buy help buy gold for three USA athletes.

Sometimes we donâ??t think to give in small amounts because we donâ??t think it will be enough to make a difference. Giving a donation of $1 to a cause seems almost a joke. Consider, however, an often-cited statistic in the discourse of international development and aid: â??Half of the worldâ??s population lives on less than $1 a day.â?? This fact turns that kind of thinking on its head. $1 can mean life, education, food, water and health to millions of people around the world. And $1 mobilized from each person in a community or network has the power to effect a great deal of change (the pun, of course, is intended).

It is with that exact line of thinking that I come to you asking for donations in the amount of just $1 (or more but $1 is great!!) to support a great event and cause headed up by Strength Coach Phil Stevens and his charity strength event, Lift For Hope. We know, myself, Phil and the others who are spreading word, that if we can get this message out to you, and you give just $1, we can all have a HUGE impact on making Lift For Hope III a huge success.

What is Lift For Hope?

Lift for Hope is a 3rd annual Charity Strength Sports Event. This yearâ??s “Lift for Hope” again will be a one day NAHA sanctioned Highlander State Championship and APF sanctioned deadlift meet held in Gilbert Az.

A Charity Strength Sports Event, By Strength Athletes, for Athletes

In 2010 the founder Phil Stevens has decided to take the charities givingâ??s in a new direction. In the two previous years he used the event to raise money for first an American Cancer Society camp for children, then last year The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Az. This year he is changing the focus to a by strength athletes for strength athletes event. Proceeds raised will support three strength athletes that compete on the international level for the United States Of America.

Strength athletics in the USA, unlike our international counterparts, have become the unfunded evil steps sister to team athletics and other single athlete events such as gymnastics, sprinting, and swimming. Heavy athletes as a whole have taken a huge hit in the USA. Across the board the athletes put years of dedication, blood, sweat and tears in the hopes of bringing home gold for our country with little to no accolades and recognition let alone funding. These athletes are scrapping by, training endless hours in our honor to shoot for a goal greater than most even dare to dream, all the while scrapping by on a few peanuts and chicken soup while working a part time job that will allow them to keep the training schedule of an elite athlete. A schedule that athletes around the globe, and athletes in other sports in their own country, get to keep while being funded and allowed to vent all of their energy into their training. In Other words without the hassle of having to make a living.

Itâ??s amazing that we still stand as very competitive in some of the sports with such a variance in the support received compared to our competition, and there is no question as to why we are not more competitive. Itâ??s the lack of funding. It is time we the people lend a hand to even our playing field for our hard training strength athletes. That is what Phil is doing, and you can help with your $1 donations for Lift For Hope III. The charitable profits raised will go to support three athletes that compete on the international level for our country. One Olympic Weight Lifter (Sarah Robles), one Power lifter (IPF Masters Class Team USA) , and one Thrower (Olympic Hammer Thrower Loree Smith) will receive equal checks from Lift For Hope to help supplement the cost of their training and hard work in representing us.
That $1 in your pocket is worth far more than you think. Your dollar and just one dollar from every person who will listen will make literally zero negative impact on your and their lives. It will however make a huge positive impact on the lives of these athletes. An impact in aiding funding these athletes and their training / travel while representing you, and your country on the international stage. As well positive impact on you by knowing your simple $1 sacrifice went so far.

To stress it more you can listen to my interview today with Lift For Hope sponsored athlete and Olympian Loree Smith who bluntly states â??the training for the games, day in day out, hour upon hour, is the easy part about getting ready for international competition like the Olympics. The hard part is the funding and scraping by while other countries have fully government funded athletes

Interview with Loree = Attendee Portal - Instant Teleseminar

Please take the time to follow the pay pal link below and make a simple donation of $1, then pass this email on to every person you know who may listen and contribute. If we all join together we can make a huge difference letting these athletes do their part for us.

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