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Your Plan When Returning to the Gym?

When the gyms open back up here, and if they’re not open yet in your state, feel free to chime in.

How will you approach your training? Obviously going balls-to-the-wall is a bad idea that would probably result in injury. For example, in terms of the big three, what percentages will you begin with? I’m planning on following Ed Coan’s bench/squat/deadlift routine, but I’ll have to adjust percentages accordingly before ramping up.

I’m a big fan of Matt Wenning.

He says start back at like 70% of your old strength. Like if you were a 350 bencher, base your numbers on a 245 bench when you come back.

Focus on conditioning and getting back in shape while you slowly rebuild strength.

Be sure to hit your weakest, lagging body parts with lots of work to build them up while you’re taking it easy on the big stuff.

Thank you sir. I’ll watch the video on my lunch break. I was leaning towards the 70%-75% range and focusing on posterior change and GPP.


I’m thinking 3 full body at around 70 + one fluff day

I’m doing easy strength as a transition to normal training


When it reopens (can’t wait!) I’m going to start with push, pull, legs 3 days a week plus 2 days grip work.

I’m more bodybuilding oriented these days so the numbers don’t mean as much to me as when I was younger. It’s nice to lift big when you can though!

Will start off about 20-30% lighter, reps in the 8-12 range

I think I’m going to do whatever I want for about two weeks. If that’s a circuit of triceps push-downs, hammer curls, calf raises, and pull-overs every single day, then so be it.

Actually, I think I just wrote day 1…


I decided to test the waters, since my gym has been open for a bit.

Beforehand I was doing 100 reps of roughly 75% of my max, for squat, dead, bench (currently using a variation, and deadlift (also using a variation.)

I try to get the variations as close to the competition style movements, while sparing my back and shoulders.

So far the only thing that was mostly affected was just work capacity. I only managed 50-60 sets on all movements, but kept the same weight/percentage. So the volume will come back after a bit.

Otherwise, I’m continuing to progress with this higher volume set up I’ve been doing previously.

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I haven’t seen skimpy workout clothes in months. Moving weight is not the priority here.


Balls to the wall, combination of IWT and HIIB
A heavy lower day and a high rep lower day, same for upper, a running focused conditioning day and a boxing or metcon focused conditioning day.
Time waits for no man


My old strength plan at 80% of the old weights. That was the operative theory anyway.

I usually do 10-12 week cycles building up to a heavy triple anyway, so the first week is going to be very light.

After the main lifts, I’m going to do whatever I feel like.

The true tragedy in all the COVID stuff is that we haven’t seen any women in yoga pants doing stiff legged deadlifts in months.

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Few extra warm ups, mayyybe go one dumbell/pin on stack lower for top sets. Other than that, going to beat those weights down like a red-headed stepchild.

Will never take gym for granted again.
-Think 2nd wave and shutdown in like 6 months time is a distinct possibility also

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I’ve heard fears of a second or third shutdown depending on the size of increases. However, I’m almost certain people won’t stand for that. Businesses can’t open, close, open, close. People won’t stand for it as evidenced by how they’re defying government orders now.