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Your Peri-Workout Nutrition?

Hi ladies, I’m curious about your Peri-Workout Nutrition. What do you take? What works best? What did not work for you? How serious are you about it?

Hi yesssy, I work out in the morning, so my first meal of the day is a Finibar and then I have Plazma just before and during my workout. It’s actually perfect. Some mornings I’ll go for a very long leisurely walk and I might swap the workout nutrition for a Metabolic Drive shake. Hope that helps!

Here’s where you can find these:

Plazma: http://www.t-nation.com/store/products/plazma

Finibar: http://www.t-nation.com/store/products/finibar-competition-bar

Metabolic Drive: http://www.t-nation.com/store/products/metabolic-drive-low-carb

Thanks for your response. I take creatine in addition.

Hi Yesssy,

I use Plazma and MAG-10 for my peri workout nutrition. I usually train around 7 or 8pm, I don’t function very well in the morning! This is what I do…
90min preworkout GPC (just started this and it’s great!)
60min preworkout 6capsules Micro-PA
30min preworkout 6capsules Indigo-3G
15 min preworkout and throughout my training session 3 servings of Plazma, 5g Leucine, 5g Creatine Malate
30min post workout 1.5servings MAG-10

The Finibars are awesome, as Dani mentioned. I might eat one 90min preworkout depending on how chaotic my day is, if I can eat a solid meal before training I’ll do this and have my Finibar earlier in the day.

Hi Bron,

thanks for your response! I usually drink my shake post-workout, but I guess I should change that to peri-workout too.

Yes!! You’ll love the Plazma, once you try it you’ll never train without it.

What’s everyone favorite flavor for Plazma??? I usually go with lemon or lime, but I made a great discovery :wink: LEMON AND GRAPE tastes interestingly awesome!