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Your Perfect Gym


What equipment, services, and goods would your perfect gym offer? If you were to design the gym of your dreams, what would it have?


My perfect gym would be full of power lifters and bodybuilders and all freeweight, some machines just for injured or what not and the bbers, but it would mainly be a powerlifting gym where there's intense rock blasting , everyones fucking growling and roaring as they lift their weights and there's not one dude on his cell phone. It'd be even more perfect because there would even be female powerlifters which is always awesome to see.

I'd make sure there was a huge garage door to open so it doesn't feel like your boxed in, and there'd be a chalk box every 5 feet, also i'd make sure every trainer would be an experienced powerlifter/ bodybuilder.
I'd also make sure we'd have backup stock of all the bars and whatnot in the back so if one breaks there'd be one to replace in seconds. If someone were to squat rack curl i'd have it so they'd implode into a ball of fire.
You'd also have to do some tests to get into the gym, answer some questions have some previous questions and what not.There would also be a supplement corner or area to the gym too.

Lots of things missing but this is a round about idea of my perfect gym :smiley:


Pretty well the same as Nate's, but with a facility masseuse... therapeutic of course :wink:


Naked female midgets to chalk my hands, naked female ladies to load the plates made out of fudge poptarts on the monolift made out of naked females, as a bikini clad female spreads her legs for me to take a hit of her ammonia soaked thong.


But im not picky...


My perfect gym:

In an industrial park somewhere, big garage type door at the front.

Power racks x lots
Tons of bars(fat and normal)
3 Prowlers
Stones and logs opposite the wall with the power racks
far wall has DBs and spare benches
no AC, just one of them industrial fans that you'd put in the doorway during the summer
chalk, bands, foam rollers
GHD and reverse hyper
some plate loading machines
enough of a driveway/parking lot deal to do Prowler pushes and sled drags

maybe hot/cold dunk tubs (like in Pro Football lockers you know?) for after training

and a grill to cook steak for your para-workout nutrition... lol

Anyone know a gym in VA like this?


I think I lift in your perfect gym.


one where people actually look like they lift weights.



YOU BASTARD! btw, for the type of gym I mentioned, what does it cost you usually?


A gym full of asians and vertical jump stations?


Nate pretty much described what a gym developed by T-Nation would be like.(Except for the massive Biotest product area of course.)

My gym would be pretty much what's already been mentioned. But I'd really like it to be filled with people who have the good sense to know when they should give someone a spot but knows that taking half the weight ruins the person your spottings set. I don't ask for spots anymore, I was sick of getting assisted reps even though they swore they don't touch the bar.


Bro i absolutely cant stand that. I now say only touch the bar if it is literally falling back down on top of me.


It's not a public gym. It's a private gym owned by one of the local strongmen. And it's not exactly like you described, but close.


Besides the hot/cold dunk tubs, and replace the stones with tires, this is pretty much an exact description of DeFranco's in NJ...



The first thing I explain to any training partner is that if they touch the bar when I'm lifting or I touch it when they're lifting, they did not lift the weight successfully. I can't even count how many guys I've seen deadlifting off their partner's chest and then overheard said partner bragging about his bench...

My gym would pretty much be almost any one stated here, but with lots of high boxes for plyo work, a track, and me being the weakest one there.


Ever have anyone pull on the bar really hard then, let it go to a light spot. I hate that my chest always relaxes when people jerk on it then theirs no chance I'm gonna be able to lift it. And they always jump in way to early.