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I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but this is down right disgusting.

How in the hell can Obama and Biden actually support a tax increase for people that are already paying 40% of the countries taxes.

The top 1% of earners in this country make twice as much as the bottom 50% of earners, yet the top 1% pays 13 times the taxes of the bottom 50%.

The American workforce is around 140 million people. This means 1.4 million people pay 13 times the tax that 70 million people do.

Just add Obama and you have the perfect socialist recipe.

mission accomplished

[quote]cyph31 wrote:
mission accomplished[/quote]

And he ain’t even in office yet.

…b…b…but 95% of Americans will receive taxcuts.

(and as I have said in another thread, only 70% of Americans pay taxes).

Since it is a constitutional right to bear arms, shouldn’t we get tax breaks or subsidies so we can buy guns. why shopuld only the rich be able to afford expensive guns such as a Barrett 50 caliber? Why does a middle class guy like me have to get a bushmaster instead?

What about the poor who can’t afford Glocks or Sigs, or a customized 45. It’s not fair!

Only 2/3 of Americans pay taxes but those making $60,000 a year and up pay 97% of the tax burden. Depending on where you live like LA or NY thats barely middle class.