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Your Own Podcast


Hey Jim,

I'm a fan of your writing and wondered if you have ever thought of doing your own podcast? I know that many people would love to hear you discuss topics in this format.

Keep up the good work either way.



Would be awesome for Jim to have a podcast. I don't think he has time currently, judging by the sounds of what he's been up to.


Pretty sure this forum will eat up whatever little free time he had left...haha. Would be cool though.


We have some ideas of doing something once/week for 30 minutes or so. I would not be "hosting" it though - I'll just do the color commentary and answer some questions. I have a friend that will host it and we are working on some details.

Like it or not, I always keep myself busy outside of work stuff. I find life to be way too short to be working or sitting around all the time. I like to do other things with friends, family, etc. If something doesn't interest me terribly, I just don't do it. Of course, there are always things you HAVE to do but one thing I've learned in my life is to say NO.


I hear you. I appreciate the response, Jim.