Your Opinion On This Please?

41yo - Male
350lbs - 6’ 6"
32-36% Body Fat

I had two labs done and my first one was 237 and a second one, two months later was 136. I’m self administrating “TRT” with 250mg once a week of Enanthate and I’m taking .25 of Amiridex every three days. (EDIT: 3 months after my start of “TRT”, I had another lab done and my test was 989. So I figure I’m there now.)

I’m a large fella and I do have quite a bit of fat on my torso. I’ve been reading this forum and several others where big fellas (read that as fat) have bumped up their “TRT” dosages up to 500mg per week (or split 250) and noticed an increase in fat loss.

What’s your opinion on this?

I’m not looking for a goal weight, but a goal body fat percentage. I’d like to get to 15-20% range. I’m not looking to body build shred and since I’m no longer powerlifting, I want to just cut the fat off and be healthier. The added benefit of strength is great and the help of a CPAP and testosterone, I feel I’m over my depression and no longer feel tired all day and lethargic.

I had all these symptoms and I don’t feel low T was the entire cause. As noted, I have sleep apnea and that really messed my life up. So, the combination of CPAP and “TRT” helped out together. I was on “TRT” before my CPAP and still experienced some of the symptoms. My brain fog and others went away a little and once I got my CPAP, it’s been great. Now it may or may not work for all, but it worked for myself.

So back to the topic (derail my own post?). I have a wife and two kids, no chance of ever having kids again. No plan to at least. I careless for shrunken testies, I’m the only one that plays with them anymore and I haven’t noticed any shrinkage. So that’s why I’ve been “cruising” on 250mg once a week. I figured if bumping up to 500mg once a week would help with fat loss, I’d do it and wouldn’t have an issue. I figure I’d need to possibly up my Amiridex to .5 maybe. and after 10 weeks, I’ll go back to my “TRT” dosing of 250mg once a week. No PCT since I’m on test for the rest of my life. Maybe stay like that for 10 weeks or so and “blast” another 10 weeks at 500mg.


Just read this:

Note: I’ve cleaned up my diet and I workout with added cardio 5-6 days a week. Depending on how I feel, two-a-days cardio. I’m down from 382 to the 350 pounds now. I feel I’m dedicated enough to not be that “fatso” guy. Not looking to get shredded, just want to drop the fat. I know the 15-20% BF will be at least 2 or more years from now. I could do fat burners, I have some, but I also have high BP (Although, my last check up I was 124/79.) and I’m sure that’d raise it up.

Being on 250mg of test is going to give you enough of a confidence/mental boost to start really nailing down your diet, training and day to day life style to create a healthy body and lower bf percentage before upping the dose…

Sure, you could up it whenever and see good strength/muscle mass gains which would help burn more calories but the point is there is obviously alot of work to be done prior to an increase in dose.

2 years to drop 10 % bf is rediculous… Get the macros in check, start the cardio where you can fit it in (I recomend fasted morning walking) and enjoy the weight sessions… When you have consistently lost fat and gained some muscle mass/strength over a 6 week + period then you can look at blasting.


@AndyJones1992 - Thanks for the reply. I’ve been running 250mg since October 2015 and feeling great. I have been beat over the head (and actually started listening) about my diet and training. Been constant for the last few months with my diet. Hence the 380+ to 350 now. I have gained some strength and even to the point that I’m starting to see dramatic changes of my body. Clothes and everything are fitting loser.

Well, I say 2 years, I don’t to rush it and wanted to make a point that I’m in for the long haul to reach my goals. I’m not a person that wants it right now. I understand things take time and I’m willing to work for it. My 380+ to 350 has been in the last 8 weeks or so. So that’s on par with what you are recommending.

Thanks again and I’ll run 250mg for awhile longer and then start a blast at some point.

Still open for other opinions.

honestly, you’re not gonna see that big of a jump in fat loss from 250-500 mg/testosterone…

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however, once you get to the point where your fat loss stalls, you might wanna look into an OTC fat burner, beta agonist (ECA, clen) or thyroid compound (T3 or T3/T4 compound).

but what you’re doing now is working, so keep at it.

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@cycobushmaster Thank you. I’d rather make it last longer at 250mg if the increase dosage isn’t going to help that much.

I was looking into an ECA stack. I have access to all of it, whether from source or the super store hunting and finding locally. Don’t really want to spend extra on clen and T3/T4. It was suggested early on to help with fat lose, but I’m on a budget for this.

I’ll read the link you provided and see what it says.

Also, I feel as though using clen etc with a high bf percentage is like using test etc before making good natural progress first. Sure, for a show, holiday or photo shoot they are great, but in your situation you can clearly make great progress through diet.

And as for 250-500mg of test helping in getting leaner… It absolutley does. It may not directly cause fat loss, but the improvement in mental health, increased strength and lean muscle mass will definitley aid it.

One thing you could look to add in for the long run could be GH though? Bit expensive but its another angle at the bigger picture.

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Yeah, I want keep this as simple and cheap as possible. That’s why I’m currently only running Enanthate and Arimidex. Being as fat as I am, it’s questionable to use any test right now, but with T levels as they were and the way I felt, I needed something. I know it increases my estro numbers with the fat.

I see what you mean, it indirectly helps with fat lose. In conjunction with increased strength, my metabolism will get a boost, and as my diet stays correct, it will aid in fat loss.

GH is way more than what I want to deal with. I plan to never be a body builder or anything like that, so I feel it’d be a waste.

Correct on the test side of things.

But deffinitley look into HGH as it isnt just for bodybuilders, far from it. At your age 4-6 iu per day could be a fantastic addition…

Keeping it simple for noe is cool though!

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Well, the only source I trust has 100ius for 225. That’d give me 25 days worth at 4iu. That’s a little (ok a lot) out of my budget. Should my budget change and allow it, I’ll definitely look into it.


Loosing weight when your metabolic rate is low can be difficult at best.

Major factors:
thyroid hormones
cortisol and rT3
GH measured by IGF-1
insulin sensitivity, fasting glucose and A1C

Of these, low thyroid function is very common and that can be caused by not using iodized salt.

Cortisol and rT3 issues can be caused by:

  • starvation diets
  • stress
  • accidents or acute illnesses/infections
  • chronic inflammation
  • over training
  • too much E2

Insulin and [pre]diabetic issues can be anticipated when overweight.

hematocrit !!!
AM cortisol - at 8AM please
fasting glucose
A1C - average glucose levels
fasting cholesterol
CRP - general inflammatory marker
homocysteine - arterial stress marker
Vit-D25 [or take 5000,6000iu Vit-D3]

BP: not bad, but these will help
fish oil for EFAs, also nuts, flax seed oil/meal
high potency B complex multi-vit with trace elements including iodine+selenium

With TRT work, we typically see most guys needing around 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T ester. So you do not seem to be managing E2 properly or checking it. Note that some are over-responders who need 1/4th the expected dose. Target is E2=22pg/ml [80pmol/L] which seems optimal for libido, fat loss, fat patterns energy and mood.

Please see these links found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections
  • thyroid basics explained - check oral body temperatures as suggested

If body temps are low and not taking iodine or iodized salt, see iodine replenishment in that link. If getting iodine and have low temps, do these labs: TSH, fT3, fT4

TRT and gear can cause a hunger that does not seem to go away. This can be a protein hunger that can be satisfied with a protein shake. Do not feed a protein hunger with carbs, it does not work.

No doubt. I’m definitely fighting through it.

My dr wants to check my thyroid out, so that will be coming up soo. I assume I can get cortisol, rT3, GH, and insulin things tested too?

I don’t starve myself, stressed somewhat, I just had sub scapular surgery Dec last year, I might have IBS (getting that checked soon), no inflammation that I know of, doubt I’m over training, and my last blood work my E2 was 25.4 (7.6-42.6 pq/mL). (I’ll post my results after this next lab work.

I’ll make sure I get these l abs included.

My BP is “normal” with the help of Benicar. I hope to drop the fat and be able to get off of it. I am going to start taking fish oil.

I posted in my OP that I’m taking .25 of Amiridex e3d right now. I’m at 250mg of test enanthate as well. I’ll stay at this level until I get my lab work done and see where it is.

I’ve read them before, but that was quite a bit ago. I’ll read again.

I’ll also check body temps too and report back.

Understood. I usually grab some protein of some sort, usually chicken breast or ground beef for snacks. I try to get the biggest amount of carbs in before noon and after that, the least. Post-workout, I will eat some more with a protein shake and/or/in addition to more meat of sorts. Usually only after a heavy leg day which is once a week, but I do workout legs twice a week.

Thanks for your post. I’ll get the info up soon.

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If IBS, there is a possibility of GI blood loss. Occult blood test can detect that.

Do not do GH labs! IGF-1 is best measure of GH status.

“Rarely, olmesartan can cause severe gastrointestinal issues. The symptoms, which include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and electrolyte abnormalities, are common among those who have celiac disease.[6] Recent studies suggested this form of sprue-like enteropathy could be caused by the inhibition of TGF-β, a polypeptide cytokine that maintains intestinal homeostasis. However, it is still unclear why this action was never observed with other ARBs.[7]”

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Got it!

Damn, that’s the exact symptoms I’ve had. I’ll have the dr check that out too.

So, at 250mg per week, I need to take 2.5mg arimidex a day? eod? e3d?

Gotta be weekly surely lol!

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If its 250mg [per week] T, its 2.5mg anastrozole [per week].

Half life likes EOD dosing. Serum anastrozole levels need to match free/bio T levels. Injecting T once a week is not good. You could inject 125mg twice a week and take 1mg anastrozole at that time. That way, T and anastrozole levels sort of track up and down together. You could do labs later to see how that works.

If you got E2=28 and target is E2=22pg/ml, you would increase dose by a factor of 28/22 *. And just as easy if you increase T dose, you would increase anastrozole by the same factor. Both corrections can be done at once.

  • note that if E2 is low, this method also calculates a smaller dose of anastrozole.
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Yeah, I’m an idiot. I can’t add 2+2… haha

Awesome and thank you. I was definitely WAY under dosed. I was doing .25/.5 eod or e3d. Was scared of getting too high. I’m not able to inject twice a week right now,otherwise I would. I know I’ll hit the valley’s and I’m okay with that. Maybe after my labs at the end of the month, seeing how my E2 is, I may start twice a week if I can pull it off.

Thanks for all of you info. Has been most helpful.