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Your Opinion on Peanut Butter!


So as I am typing this I am working my way through a jar of JIF creamy peanut butter. I've been doing this the past couple nights before I go to bed, have about 10 tablespoons then hit the sack like 45 mins later. I am always hungry and I find this to be a tasty and convenient method to eat (especially when I'm living in a dorm room).

What do you guys think about snacking on peanut butter? Any of you guys tried this? Good or Bad?


I love PB. Cheap and high in calories, and tastes great.

I'd suggest natural PB


ok good. I'm glad you are a fan. I'm not sure if you saw my thread about accidently putting myself in an advanced swimming class, but I'm making this my solution. That and 3 weight gainer shakes a day hah


Yeah, go with natural peanut butter. I think jiff adds in some corn syrup and sugar. No need for that. Actually almond butter is even better, in terms of nutritional value because of the way its made...it tastes great too.


I love pb but Jif isn't for body builders JIF has: Sugar, Molasses, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Mono-Diglycerides, and Salt. Go natty


Can I find those at your local Krogers or w/e random grocery store happens to be on the corner or do I have to go to one of those organic stores?


Most regular stores have organic natural pb unless you live on the island of Yemen


I LOVE ANPB... I can't STAND the regular shit.. go figure...


Well shit, I guess I'm screwed then.


Guess so...LOL



find a farmers market, a pound of pb made right infront of you is like 2 bucks.


I cant stand reg peanut butter either.
Creamy is the worst

I do however love the omega enriched natural pb from smart Balance

it has a different taste,from the flax and Palm oil.
its almost like a slight fishy taste but I know it sounds horrible but its not its different and a nice change from normal PB
I like the chunky, high calories,high good fat both from the peanuts and from the omegas which we need anyways.

and from the flax and the peanuts it helps my bowels when im going high pro. which is all the time. I never get enough fiber.

I am a huge fan just hate peanut butter :wink:


Ever try almond, cashew, sunflower, or pistachio butter?


Thanks for the suggestions fellas.

Slim- I tried natural peanut butter a couple times, it was really good but I remember it being quite pricey too :frowning:


you're worth it:)


I know the Kroger's that I've been to in Atlanta and Athens have their own Kroger brand natural peanut butter that costs $1.99. About the same as JIF, and I actually find it a lot tastier than Smucker's! I used to eat Smucker's natural peanut butter for years until I tried Kroger's. The texture is smoother, and the peanuts don't taste as roasted. Try Kroger!


Really? I am not a fan that stuff. You are right that it has a slightly different taste. I guess some may like it but I don't. I was so excited when I saw it that I bought 3 bottles since I am in college and don't like running to the store all the time. I basically had to give that stuff away to get rid of it.

Smuckers all the way!


Almond butter kicks ass. Almond butter > peanut butter.


Geography FAIL!

Waylander - The natural peanut butter should be right next to the 'nasty peanut spread'. Smuckers' natural is pretty good. Beware the organic smuckers if you're on a budget, it's like 2 bucks more because it's organic. I buy 'Teddy' brand as well. I go through a couple jars a week, easy. I think both are like $2.50 a jar (+/-).

The real nut butters (almond, cashew, walnut, etc) are excellent, but usually quite expensive. If you have a food processor, you can easily make your own. You'd easily make up the money you spend on a processor and making almond or cashew butter versus buying them.

Little tip-- take a knife and mix the oil into the natural PB then put the PB in the fridge and it won't separate back from the oil.


You said 'nut butter.' (Sorry I could not resist.)

Judging by your avatar I would say whatever you are doing is working. I just started a PNB breakfast and the results are good so far. I need to tweak it and get some higher quality stuff (JIF right now). What sucks is all the stuff that is bad for you makes it taste so GOOD.