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Your Opinion on My Cycle?

I am 32, 5’11", 215 lbs, ~12% fat (hard to say exactly because mechanical tool from GNC gives 6% and electronic from Radioshack 24%). However I have 32" waist. I’ve been working out for 16 years (yeah that long…). So I decided to design my first cycle ever:) What I want to acheve is a nice breakthrough in terms of mass/cut ratio as well as to try to hold that progress as muc as possible. I am reading a lot lately, but I need some opinions about this draft:

1-8 week Andriol(640 mg ED)
1-8 week Stanabol(4
10 mg ED)
1-8 week Arimidex(1/21 mg ED)
1-8 week Dianabol(5
5 mg ED)
1-10 week Clenbuterol(2-42 mcg ED)
7-10 week Clomid(1
50 mg)

I also entertained idea of few short (3 weeks + 1 off) cycles back to back with Primo tabs + Dianabol + Clen. Unfortunately there is not much info about these cases.

As you can see, I prefer to begin with orals.

Another question is about dbol. I have some information that states DBol must be taken once a day instead of dividing the daily dose throughout the day. Although DBol has a very short half life this way it proves to be less supressive and more potent. What do you think? If it’s true does it apply to other substances?

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I actually meant Andriol. I hear what you are saying:) But Andriol does not have that alteration damging liver and DBol+Winni are often combined.
Besides Anadrol with DBol would probably kill me instantly:)

What about short cycles?

10 weeks of clenbuterol isn’t too healthy either bro… Some people think that combining AAS and clen at the same time is a recipe for cardiac problems galore.

All oral, plus a lengthy run of clen that is most certainly going to down regulate your beta-2 receptors beyond belief… I wouldn’t do it. But that’s just me, and I’m mental.

I wouldn’t run the dianabol beyond the 6 week mark…after that you run into the law of diminishing returns. The clenbuterol is used for 2-3 weeks tops followed by equal time off.I can understand wanting to go all oral for your first cycle as mine was 30mg dianabol/d for 5 weeks.

For you, I’d go with 20mg dianabol/d and 50mg winstrol/d for 6 weeks…Be sure to include at least a gram of milk thistle with this. An anti-estrogen may not be necessary, but I’d run 1.25mg letrozole eod to give you a dry look.


I completely forgot to mention that I planned to use Clen 2 days on 2 days off. But I think you are right about length of the cycle as a whole. I will trim it to 4-6 weeks.
Why do you think arimidex would not be necessary? Others will ofset DBol’s ability to aromatize? Or it will be too short to kick in?